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    MX5 - Volume & Lovin This Machine - Questions Though?

    I just picked up a used MX5 my first Whites machine and I have to say I'm impressed! I have about 8 hours on it so far so the final verdict is still out but..
    I own or have owned several other machines from different companies and this thing is very impressive. I also own the Nox 600 so here are my thoughts & comparisons.

    Things I really like
    Backlight A+ (100 x better than the nox600) Really like the Indigo (is this on the MX7 as well?)
    Threshold B (A bit sparky but for me it was easy enough on the ears)
    Eclipse 5.3 Coil A - This little guy is pretty good in the trashy sites and iron as good as any small elliptical I has used.
    Search modes B+ ( Coin, Beach, & All metal ) - No point over complicating things IMO
    Pinpoint button & depth meter A+ - No need to hold it down. Did whites do away with this feature on the MX7 --I hope not!
    VDI Accuracy & 8 tones - A As good as any machine I've used, I really love the tones and the VDI is solid good to about 8" - On some of the videos I have seen of the MX7 it doesn't seem as good and the vdi jumps around
    Unmasking A (Only my Vaquero would likely get the edge)
    Balance & Weight B+ (Not the lightest machine but makes up for it in balance)

    Negatives - Not waterproof, & EMI (had not issues with my pin-pointer though), slower response time between targets in comparison to some newer released machines, but still very good. No Wireless headphones & 8AA batteries is a little crazy but at least you can charge them.

    Headphone jack hasn't bothered me yet ( I swing with my left hand and wrap the cord around the battery pack works well)

    Why did Whites discontinue this machine I the MX7 a worthy upgrade and why? (other than a slightly more modern screen)

    Nothing is mentioned in the manual but can you safely use this in the rain?

    Also I have notice a direct correlation with audio volume and depth. When the volume is below 30 I start losing depth. Is this accurate? Should I run volume high and control it with headphones
    Right now my headphones do not have volume control so I am running audio at 50 and still getting good depth.

    I know the MX5 is 4-5 years old but WOW! Not sure what I'm missing about this machine.

    HH Eman

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    Welcome to the forum !! Glad you like the MX5. It was replaced as a "normal technology upgrade". Whites is always improving their product line.

    The MX7 is even better. Neither is "waterproof" but both are "weather resistant". If you get caught in a rain shower, not to worry. I normally carry a baggie to pop over the head "just in case", and it helps keep mud off the the machine.

    As to running at Max Volume. On ANY detector, you should run high as possible and control comfort level with phones. This will help you pick up those weak "whispers" from deep targets.

    Enjoy the MX5. Good luck and good hunting.
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    Welcome to the forum Eman. I wish you lots of luck with your MX5. It's a great detector. As for the MX7, like Fox said... it's even better. It has more settings and is a deep hunting machine. Many people are finding some awesome finds with it. Good luck and happy hunting.

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    Welcome to the forum Eman. I really like your description of the threshold, "A little sparky...". I've never heard anyone describe it like that, what a great way of putting it.

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