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    Vintage White's Beachcomber

    Hello All

    First post in the forum, long-time lurker on the White's website. Along with a Prism V, my trusty Beachcomber will be making a trip to the Florida beach in a couple weeks. Still a fine 'treasure hunter' for a novice as it's so simple to use and I've had many, many great finds with it over the years. Friends seem to have a lot of fun with it as there's so few false signals to interpret- When it pings they just bend and scoop (or dig). That little machine has given more than one person 'gold fever'.

    Will post any nice finds when I return, some nice finds already in that thread. Ground frozen here.

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    Welcome to the forum !! Good luck and good hunting !!
    If there's anything I hate worse than diggin' pulltabs, its missin' a gold ring.

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    Welcome to the forum. Happy hunting!
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    go get em Kid
    If the bass ain't biting, I'm scratchin for silver

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    Welcome and good hunting.

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    Thanks All for your kind welcome!

    Meanwhile- During a search for an old document I happened upon my original Beachcomber Owner's Manual. All I can say is White's has come a long way... LOL

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