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    Whites LiPo power pack

    After almost a year of testing - new LiPo Whites Power Pack works perfectly! My Spectra works 3 to 4 times longer than with the factory battery pack!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Good job !! Thanks for sharing ....

    Just a reminder to all .... Any non-factory modifications, including power packs can void your warranty !! A cooked circuit board(s) can run into serious $$.
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    Great job. I modified my V3i to take external LiPo battery packs. I get just over 30 hours for each charge. Mine has been modded since 2011 and has worked fantastic. It's really nice to take on trips where I don't have a way to charge the batteries. But again, you did a beautiful job. I like that you can take the three batteries out to charge each one cell by itself. Sweet!!!

    (NOTE: You won't get anymore depth from the V3i even though you have more voltage/amperage. The V machine has a built in regulator that keeps the device consistent and safe. Three LiPo cells is all I suggest to use for you're not to damage the circuit board.)
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