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    Still learning the Treasure master

    I'm still getting the hang of my treasure master after using my TK4 for quite awhile. It seems to be giving false readings some times. It showed a penny 75 at 2" and I dug it only to go 6" to find a crushed can. Sometimes it gives a solid reading on both VDI and pinpoint at 2"-3", but my pin pointer pro finds nothing even at 5". I know that this isn't an exact science, but it gets frustrating to dig a hole and find nothing. I know about the halo effect but the soil shows no rust remnants of an object. It often pings and I do a complete sweep and the target is gone. I have dismissed some of these due to soil conditions. I'm still getting to know my machine and I don't fault it for any of this. I just want to know if anyone has a tip or two to save some unnecessary digging. I dig a lot because I don't want to miss a treasure by walking away from it.
    I'm still getting used to having a pull tab, a nickel,and a gold ring all showing the same VDI numbers.
    By the way, Whites tech support is the best.

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    I have a TreasurePro and it’s basically the same machine as the TreasureMaster. These are two very good detectors. The depth readings on any detector are based on coin size targets. Your found can is a large target so even though the can is deep it will show it to be shallow on the display. You need to use the 3-S Rule when digging a target. The 3-S Rule means Sound, Shape, and Size. You can see the shape and size during the pinpoint process. You will learn after much practice how a target sounds and if it is a good target to dig. Here’s a trick of the trade. One way you can ID a deep can is to hold the coil high above the ground and swing. If you get a signal while swinging the coil, it’s most likely a large target. Just remember some large targets can also be very interesting artifacts. The best way to identify a target is to dig it up. I wish you much luck with this hobby. I hope you find something really cool. Good luck and happy hunting.
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    Just keep doin' what you're doin' .... With practice comes experience, and your "treasure to trash" ratio will go up ! You'll learn what a "good" target sounds like, how it pinpoints, etc.
    If there's anything I hate worse than diggin' pulltabs, its missin' a gold ring.

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    I too remember how frustrating it can be to get a good signal and there is nothing there when you dig it. You are right to dig a lot, that is how we all had to do it to learn. Rodney and Fox's advice is spot on, practice = experience = more treasure!

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