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    Thumbs up Any other IDX users in the UK?

    Hi All,fairly new to the Forum and just noticed this thread,just wondering if there are any other IDX users in the UK and how are you doing with it,do you use it as your main machine or back up? I also have a Whites M6 and a Golden Mask 4S but really prefer the IDX for its simplicity and performance.Since I obtained this machine last November 2nd hand for a bargain price I have found loads more than I did with my other 2 detectors.Also bought a 6in concentric Blue Max coil for it but still prefer the 9.5 stock coil.Have also posted a few finds I have made with the IDX on this forum.

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    Good luck !! Hope you find a hunting buddy !!
    If there's anything I hate worse than diggin' pulltabs, its missin' a gold ring.

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    Sounds like you’re ready to find the gold. Good luck and happy hunting. Good luck finding a hunting buddy too.
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