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    Minnesota US Dakota War of 1862

    I think most Minnesota's know about the US Dakota war (our Civil war) that happened in 1862 that led to the largest mass hanging in US history in Mankato. I was wondering if anyone knows if there were ever organized metal detecting hunts where battles took place, like Wood Lake ? I have seen collections of bullets and relics from hunters in that area and was wondering if it's possible to organize a group hunt.

    If a group hunt is possible I think everything found should go to the historical society or be able to hunt for Civil War era relics would be a lot of fun.

    These were terrible events in MN history but we can't change it...I also don't think it should be lost history.

    Please chime in if have any interest or information.

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    I would check with local Historical Society and go from there ....
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    That would be an interesting hunt.
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    First thing would be to contact the regulatory authority in charge of the battlefield if it is not in private hands. I have found in the past that depending on who is in charge and your qualifications, arrangements could be possible for a hunt but groups are typically frowned upon due to lack of controls. When I have done this in the past, I was not permitted to have any other people detect on the site.

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