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    V rated 950 eclipse coil

    I went out this morning for a couple hour hunt. I put my 950 eclipse search coil on as I just haven't used it for a long while. I had forgotten just how good this coil coin shoots. This got me thinking... I wondered how many others have forgotten it? I also wondered just how many people still use it fairly often still? Either way I had a great hunt and a great time. Even found myself a nice silver ring, yep my wife has it on now lol.
    Happy hunting,

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    950 is my "go to" beach coil. I also use it when working large rec areas, etc that aren't too trashy .... Good goin' on the silver ring !!
    If there's anything I hate worse than diggin' pulltabs, its missin' a gold ring.

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    I use my 950 A LOT.

    I have really, really mild soil where I hunt, so I tend to go 950 with it. The only time I don't use it initially is when I am hunting a new patch of land. I will use either the U13 or the 6x10DD until I get a good grasp of the land. If it is generally mild soil, I will switch. Like Fox, it is my go to coil on the beach, both wet sand and dry.

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