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    New kid on the block

    Greetings All, and Happy Holidays. Have my eye on a DFX E SERIES. Am at a crossroads here. I know embarrassingly little about metal detecting. My paternal grandfather owned several old "Blue White's" and was very enthusiastic in his early retirement years. This second hand experience is all I really have. Yikes! Would very much appreciate your input and council on this new adventure. Thank You, All, and again, Happy Holidays. Steve H. (6-10-35)
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    DFX takes time to learn but will be one you can grow with if you devote the time and training yourself. Just have proof the unit your wanting to purchase not only turns on but actually works. Maybe establish a phone contact with the seller, have them send a video clip, etc...

    also with any listing try to knock the seller down. that way you can get other supplies you will need like a digger, pouch, headphones, pinpointer, etc.
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    I thought I’d let you know I found one on eBay for the same price and it comes with the 950 coil, 4x6”DD coil, lesche digger, headphones, BullsEye pinpointer, and a carry bag. I’ll send you a PM.
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    Welcome !! The DFX was White's Flagship unit until the release of the V machines. It is a very flexible, user programmable, dual frequency detector that does well in just about any venue from wet salt sand to dry sweet inland matrix.

    It is easy to use and the learning curve is relatively short. My only "wise counsel" is that if you purchase the unit, make sure that it has a return policy in case you find it "DOA". Otherwise, you will be well served by a DFX once you master it.

    Whites still stocks parts for and supports the DFX, which is another plus.

    You can read / download the DFX Owner's Guide here:

    Good luck !!
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    Thank you again sir, for your council and reply. ��

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    Welcome to the forum and good luck
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