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    Hey guys, been a busy past few months at the factory! Last Friday we sent out our first shipment of MX7's with a healthy backlog of preorders to get out to dealers just in time for Thanksgiving.

    The MX7 is a mid-range detector with exceptional depth, recovery speed, and features that until now have only been available in high-end machines. We're hoping that unleashing this kind of power at an affordable price point will increase finds rates for thousands of customers who simply don't have the deep pockets for a new V3i.

    Based on the MX Sport platform, this is a single-frequency (14kHz), weather resistant (IP54), lightweight (3.5 lb) machine aimed at folks wanting to either upgrade their old big-box machine or take a step up from entry-level detectors without taking a huge leap of faith... and big hit to the bank account.

    This was a gap in our lineup that needed to be filled and we thought it was a great opportunity to give some horsepower to customers that might think they can't afford it. Since the MX Sport has proven itself to be a workhorse for our serious coin, jewelry and relic hunters it seemed like a no-brainer to make something similar that was lighter, more affordable, and easy for intermediate-level treasure hunters to swing. But don't take it as us sleeping on working on other projects... All I can say on that is that a company needs a well-rounded set of products to succeed... High-end, entry-level, and "meat and potatoes" products like the MX7 and MX Sport.

    For more details on the MX7, check with your local White's dealer or click the links below:

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    Thanks for the information T. It really looks like a fantastic machine. I’m sure it’s going to be a hit.
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    Thanks T !! I'm sure "7" will be a "lucky number" for everyone !! BZ !!
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    Saving my change for this one!

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    I have one on pre-order.
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