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    Question Whites 6000 Metal Detector Coinmaster Technical Discussion. Electronics Related


    i am looking for any information \ documentation on some older whites metal detectors.
    i have a few units that i am trying to recondition and have found it hard to find technical information.

    for example: digrams, the tuning pots on the circuit boards, wiring schematics, coil compatibility, pin outs, modifications, etc.

    the machines i am working on at the moment are the 6000/D, 6000/D S2, 6000/Di S3
    they all work, but there are a few issues i would like to figure out.

    the 6000/D S2, 6000/Di S3 both have hip mount modifications which seems to be the main issue i am confused about.
    the coil will plug directly into the machines or the arm rod, but will only work when plugged into in the arm rod socket.

    there are also issues when interchanging coils between the other machine 6000/D. plugging coil direct will not work.
    i have 2 whites coils marked (dark blue 624-0179 and light blue), but they don't interchange i am not sure why. they work on their own unit only

    dark blue 624-0179 coil works on 6000/D S2, 6000/Di S3 with arm rod
    light blue coil works on the 6000/D

    i was able to get the light blue coil to work with the 6000/D S2 but the response and air depth was very poor in compassion to the dark blue coil

    so i am mostly trying to understand the coil differences ,wire pin outs and connection differences. (red, black, white, green, shield) they connect differently with the arm rod
    6000/D S2, the arm rod seems to connect from the detector to: red, black, white, green, shield, to its coil output socket is red and white to same on coil plug and black, green goes to a push button. and the rear of the output socket has black, green, shield tied together.

    to simplify: red and white > red and white of coil / black, green > push button (not connected to coil or rod socket) / black, green, shield of coil all connect together behind rod socket.

    any advice would be much appreciated.
    i have some technical and electronics background.

    thank you

    i would also like to have further electronics technical discussions, if there is anyone interested in the subject

    also: wanted : Whites 6000/Di PRO SL

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    Welcome to the forum.
    I don't have this information for you but hopefully someone here will have it. Good luck.
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    Welcome !! I no longer have schematics. You might want to contact White's Customer Support and ask if they would be willing to send you what you need. Here's the contact link:

    You can find the User Manuals for those units here: Use a search code of "6000". Be advised .... Parts for these units are getting scarce. People who want to resurrect these units for whatever reason are buying "carcasses" off the internet and "harvesting" what they need, if that particular part is good.

    This should help you with the coils:

    Finally - FWIW. There is no bigger fan of the 5900 / 6000 series detector than myself. I still have a pristeen 1980's 6000D/S2 which I use now and again "just for the fun of it". In the hands of a user that had "become one" with their 5900 / 6000, these detectors will meet / exceed the performance of many of the newer models, regardless of brand. That being said, they can't keep up with the likes of the V-machines or the TDI series.

    Hope this is helpful.
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    thanks guys,
    i have the manuals and everything i can find but this more comes down to someone that use to play with these older machines electronics and techwise.

    from playing with the older machines the 6000/Di S3 is a very capable. its extra features fill in all the gaps of the early models. i personally like the analog hands on setup approach which newer machines do for the user.
    i am not a fan of the machine choosing which targets are what / discriminate.
    because you never know what your target is until you dig it up and how the ground and other things can trick the processor.

    after some time you learn the responses and can do the same job even with the older machine.
    but dont get me wrong i love new tech as well.

    anyway hopefully some info will show up at some point (y)

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    also if any one has any info or wants to talk about:

    coil design - windings, inductance, layout, wiring, frequency, etc etc and comp design with other coils
    detector function, of the VLF output and boosting.

    this info seems very hard to find.

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    I still have a 6000 Di Series 3. Love it. Found my best and oldest coins with that machine back in the day. Good luck in getting it worked out.

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    the dark blue coil is marked as

    6B 8-125
    works on 6000D S2 and 6000Di S3


    D4 ?
    from 6000D

    does anyone know the differences?


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    also found this info for anyone asking the same Q

    Whites has used many different coil designs and windings over the years. While the housings and connector may be the same, the inside is totally different.
    discussion will focus on designs used in the last 20 years because there are still tens of thousands of 20+ year old Whites detectors in use.
    The Internet has created many
    problems for detectorists. Most of the time common sense has taken a back seat to impulse buying, the thought
    of getting a "good deal".

    Look at the outside left ear of your search coil (where the bolt goes through it). You'll see a winding designation stamped into it, i.e. 6B, D5, G, 8B, etc.

    D4 and D5 coils were used on the 6000/D and 6/DB detectors ONLY! They cannot be used on any other units.
    The D4/D5 coils were available in 8" and 15" only.

    B4 and B5 coils were used on the 4/DB and 5000/D detectors only! They cannot be used on any other units.
    The B4/B5 coils were available in 8" and 15" only.

    6B coils were in use since the "series 2" thru "series 3", Pro units, the Classics, and at present on
    the Classic I SL and II SL. 6B coils were available in 4", 8", 10", and 15".

    F coil was made only in a BM256 (Blue Max 10"). This loopis totally interchangeable with all 6B coils above. It was manufactured to give performance to units which use the 6B
    coil similar to the BM950 coil is use today.

    G, HI, 8B coils are known as the (Blue Max) BM350, BM600, BM5.3, BM800, BM7.8, Royal 800, BM950, BM1500. These coils are
    IN PLACE OF THE 6B COILS WILL HAVE VARYING RESULTS. Some unitsmay or may not ground balance properly (even if re-adjusted), but disc settings will be off and target ID's will not be accurate!

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    this chart seems to be incorrect.

    i have tested the 4B coil on the 6000d s2 and 6000di s3 which use a 6b. its not not work.
    and vise versa.

    it lists the 6000d as a 6b. which what i have is not.

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