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    Need help reloading my factory programs

    Ok here it goes, I need some help I have the V3I and I have plus and minus next to the C & J factory program at time I didn't know what that meant. So I tried to restore to factory program that didn't work. So I erased it now I can't restore the C & J from the factory library. After I did this two more programs have now have that +_ beside them that didn't before erasing the C & J
    can anyone help with resetting all the programs back to factory?

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    There's a couple ways to restore a program. This is one way if you deleted the program and need to restore it...

    Goto the EXPERT MENU---> Program---> New/Copy---> Library Program---> X Use Library Name...
    Now select the program with the right/left arrows. Now hit MENU/TAB button and select CREATE then hit ENTER.

    Good luck.
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    Let us know if that worked for you !!
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    I once accidently erased a program also when I first got the v3i. I used the on-board reference manual and it showed me how to restore my erased program. hold menu tab, push zoom view. scroll down till you find solution.

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