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    Thumbs up Diamond bracelet hunt

    A friend of mine's son was married yesterday (Friday). It turned out to be an exciting wedding. Our area was under a severe storm watch. The wedding went off OK, but at the reception, all power went off and sirens blared as several tornados touched down in the vicinity. Everyone took cover in hallways and restrooms. I wasn't there, but was told the brides father walked around playing polka music on his accordion. After the storm was over, the wedding party boarded a rented trolley and went to a nearby lake for wedding photos. At some point the bride lost her diamond bracelet, a wedding gift from her brother.

    A search of the trolley turned up no bracelet. I'm the only guy my friend knows who as a detector so I got a call for help. I met him and the newly-weds late morning and we drove to the lake. The wedding party had left the mowed area and had photos taken in an un-mowed area of tall grass. They said their photos showed that the bracelet was on during the photo shoot, but was missing after they got back on the bus.

    We could see the short path they had taken through the grass and the trampled area where they took photos. My friend used my little two dial Tesora and I had my V3i. We went over and over the area for better than an hour, found some trash, but no bracelet. Maybe she lost it in the mowed area getting back on the bus and someone picked it up before we got there, or maybe they will find it someplace unexpected. I had my camera along and had visions of finding the bracelet, photos with the happy couple, and a great post here on the forum.

    But no luck. Bummer. But that's the way it goes sometimes. Thanks for listening. LTD

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    That's too bad. It would have been nice if you found it. Better luck next time.
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    Depending on the type of metal, EG: white gold / platinum or flashed with rhodium, a diamond bracelet can be VERY hard to find !! It will turn up in the negative to sub-teen VDI range.

    Unless you've done this already, and if you think the bracelet is in there, then go back and work the spot in ALL METAL mode. Work slow and investigate every little signal.

    Finally, fresh grass, especially WET grass is conductive. Make sure you have a GOOD ground balance. You might even consider running in BEACH mode to extend the tracking into the conductive range.

    Hope this is helpful .... Good luck !!
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    Thanks for the suggestion Fox. The area we had to search was very small, should have been an easy sight find. Yesterday I was convinced the bracelet wasn't there, and of course today I am second guessing. I'll give it some time, might turn up someplace unexpected. If not, it may be worth going over the site with a string trimmer, then searching again. LTD

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    Hope it turns up, good luck
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    Great try, maybe you will still find it, good luck!!
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    I would go back and try again if you have the sad to lose something like that....
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