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    Coin Pro and stuff

    Gave my Coin Pro some attention today. (cleaning it up) Metal detecting recently "opened" up for me --- anyway it did, and I am so happy I am about to bust! I normally keep two detectors in my pickup when I go out detecting, either the V3i or the M6, then I take a "lesser" detector for backup, or whatever reason. Now that detecting is back for me I am going to use the Coin Pro for my second detector, only sometimes my second detector becomes my first choice for a hunt. I don't know what triggers that I guess. Anyway I don't see much on the Coin Pro anymore, and I understand that we all move on with newer/better models, especially if you have a metal detector sickness like I seem to have! I have to say that every time I take the Coin Pro out I am never disappointed. I think it is a pretty good machine. Ok bye!
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    Metal detector sickness. Maybe we all have a bit of that.
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    Yep, I need a fix...just got my U13 for the sport the other day and I am needing to get out.....
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    If detecting is a sickness, I have it bad !! Since I've been at this for over 50 years, it doesn't appear to be "terminal" ....

    It does seem to result in a larger number of detectors as is progresses ....
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