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    Problem with Pinpoint (Coinmaster)

    Hello everyone! I bought my Coinmaster in 2013 (SN:2191-0325-090-9376) and since then it have been working perfect until today. Now i have a problem (i searched for the forum and found out that a few people have got same problems too) with the Pinpoint which buzzing everytime i push its button. I've tried everything to solve this problem (change batteries, disconnect a coil, put it in an absolutely non-metal place(with or without coil), play with buttons) but unfortunately it gave nothing. May be someone gives me a piece of advice about this situation?

    Video proof:

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Definitely sounds like a problem. I think you may need to sent it in for repair. Maybe someone else may have some ideas what causing this problem. Good luck.
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    Welcome !! I've seen posts of folks with the same issue. I'm with Rod - send 'er in. Whites will take care of you !!
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