Hi my name is Zach Husiar aka Zabin,

Let me start by telling a story and a little bit about myself. I'm 29 and mostly new to metal detecting as of a couple weeks ago. When I was a kid I had a cheap radio shack detector I played with a little. First 10 years of my life I lived in the Florida keys and when I was about 8 my dad took us on a treasure hunt at Bayahonda beach Florida. He had a convincing story and a excellent treasure map that his sister -the artist- created to look authentic. My dad worked at the dump and he collected various treasures (mostly fake) to fill the treasure box. Me and my brothers were doing the happy dance when we dug up and opened that treasure box. Later after closer inspection we realized that most of it was fake and we found out dad had made this all up. So we didn't get rich but it left me with a fond memory of the hunt and my sweet dad. Since that experience I've always been a treasure hunter at heart.

I live in WV now and found a VX3 for sale on craigslist. He was asking $650 obo and all I had was $400 and he took it! The guy was close and he delivered it to me! Said he doesn't have time for the hobby any more with his kids and one on the way, he needed the money more. So far I'm in love with this detector and I'm still learning it and getting better. I've been lurking these forums since so figured I'd say hi.

Today I found the gold ring and boy was I doing the happy dance .

So here are my best finds over the past couple weeks. 1937 mercury dime, 1942 war nickle, 2 1937 buffalo's, and a 10k gold ring! Fits my ring finger and I've been wearing it all day. All found in my yard.

$20.25 in clad from the park, my yard, and neighbours yard. Also some old bullets, 1 Euro and stuff.
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