The objective of this this program is to dig deep old coins as well as shallower coins being masked by adjacent targets. The program was designed for moderately mineralized ground in a park or grassed environment. The program is a work in progress and is continually being modified using the stock D2 coil.

Choose the Coin & Jewelry from the presets and make the following changes...

Accept (-95 to +95)
Reject (nothing)

Notes: Set your accept range to include all numbers

Rx Gain (11-12) I choose this setting based on each area I hunt. Quite often I have this a s high as 12.
Discrimination (93-94)
All Metal (75) I have adjusted this up from 70 again. It's just a lot easier to pin point deep targets

Notes: Set your sensitivity to where your detector is stable. Do not sacrifice Discrimination sensitivity for Rx Gain. Keep the Discrimination sensitivity as high as possible. To much RX Gain will cause more problems with deep iron sounding like good targets. I have a sweet spot I like with the RX at 12 and DS at 94 if there is no EMI issues.

Ground Tracking
Speed (20)
(I am now using Lock Track on a regular basis if my hunt area appears consistent.)

Correlate (ON)
Span (45) I have opened up the Span from 35. This makes things a little more noisy, but helps pull out good finds in trashy areas.

Wrap (-94)

Filter & Speed
Ground Filter (5Hz Band Pass)
Recovery Delay (105) Bumped this to 105 from 100.

Notes: In addition to favoring a very slow swing speed the 5Hz filter settings have a pronounced effect on quieting EMI. If your mineralization strength is really high in your soil you might have to bump the filters a little higher. This is a good setting to experiment with in a coin garden or preferably over a possible good target in the field. My soil is moderate and the 5Hz filter with out question gets me deeper.

Tone ID (ON)
Modulation (ON)
Range = (4 on V3/Vision) or (2 On V3i)

Set your Tone ID Mode to Custom and make the following changes to the tone values.

+95 = 255 (Set this to 0 if things get to noisy)
-95 = 254 (Set this to 0 if things get to noisy)
-94 to 0 = 0

Leave all other tones unchanged. This is preference for my hearing. If you want to really quiet things down you can set +95 and -95 to -93 to 0. You will run the chance of missing a really deep target, but if the targets are running 7 to 9 inches you should be OK.

*Notes: Simply change all the VDI ranges you do not want to hear to a setting of 0

As you can see there has been some changes. Lets look at them in order as they appear.

All Metal has been raised back up to 75. I decided it was easier to pinpoint deep targets and just raise the coil farther from the ground on shallow hits.

Ground Tracking has been adjusted from 15 to 20 a slightly faster rate. I do manually ground balance every once in awhile to verify that I am still good. I very rarely get noise form the coil when I do this. I think Whites got this feature right. I will however use locktrack in single frequency modes. I do find that things seem to detune and wonder a bit in the 2.5 kHz modes.

UPDATE: I have given in to using Lock Track set to ON these days. Much quieter.

Span setting is still the same. I use a more relaxed span setting to accommodate coin spills and targets where there is a coin along with an undesirable target such as deep iron. I base this setting on my results over many many targets in the field. I have almost 700 old coin targets to date with the V3. Mostly those darn Wheat Pennies! lol On many an occasion I have adjusted this down to see how tight I can set it before the target starts breaking up. A setting of 35 seems safe to me and I still get the benefits of a quieter hunt in my soil. I highly recommend you personalize this adjustment to your individual taste keeping in mind that to short of span will cost you those iffy signal finds, and to little will be noisy enough that you might as well be using Best Data. note: I now have this at 45. It's not that much noisier.

Recovery Delay is set so those deep coins sound great. faster recovery settings will cost you depth. Take your time move slow and methodically. You will see in short order those Silver Dimes start to add up. Masking is a result of to fast of swing speed for your Recovery Delay. A slower setting will not mask good targets if your swing is slow as well. Swing slow and cross check possible good hits. I can not stress this enough. If you are out weed whacking with your coil off the ground and to fast of recovery you will just be leaving those coins for Angel to find when he makes it to your neck of the woods. lol

Last but not least lets dispel the idea that this program is designed for the ultimate in depth. It will get you very deep targets. Is it the deepest? No. Is it deep enough? If your coin is less than 10 inches down your going to be just fine. This is largely dependent on your mineralization strength. I feel that 10 or 11 inches is at the far end of the scale for the V3 to accurately identify targets. Once again this is dependent on soil conditions. There will always be anomalies and special circumstances, but they are far and few.

Keep Swing'in

EDIT: Apparently the VCO by default is turned off in the V3i version of the Coin & Jewelry program. This needs to be "ON" to help with accurate pin pointing,