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Thread: found old button!!!

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    found old button!!!

    Found an old button at a old park today, But i have no idea what it is? It says nostra es devs spes?
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    Re: found old button!!!

    nostra es devs spes = God is our Hope

    Here is some more information:

    These buttons were worn by Hessian soldiers used as mercenaries by the British during the Revolutionary War. Modern reproductions exist.

    From http://www.virrob.home.dixie-net.com/whatisit.html :

    From an article in Western & Eastern Treasures magazine, February 1996,
    "Once again we hit paydirt. I retrieved a button made of brass, the face of the button bore the image of a three legged eagle and around the rim were the words Es Devs Spes Nostra. Having as a friend a priest who speaks Latin really helped. He later told me that the words in English meant " God Is Our Hope." Further research reveled that the eagle is a Teutonic eagle. The button may have come of a Hessian soldier, mercenaries used by the British during the Revolutionary War. However, modern "blazer buttons of this type are often found"

    From http://www.nevadasurveyor.com/button.htm :

    "Investigators looking into the discovery of human skeletal remains in rural Tillamook County last week hope that buttons found in the area will help lead to an identification of the individual.

    On October 20, 2004, an elk hunter reported the discovery to law enforcement authorities. The unidentified partial skeletal remains were located in a wooded area off Highway 26 near milepost 30.5 near Section 10 Road. A search of the area with the assistance of Oregon State Police Crime Lab personnel and 38 recruit officers from the State Police Recruit School located the remains, including the skull and lower jaw with teeth present. This should allow investigators to compare dental records in their attempt to confirm the identity.

    On the front of the found buttons is the image of a 3-legged eagle surrounded around the rim with the words "ES DEVS SPES NOSTRA". Research reveals the origin is Latin and means, "GOD IS OUR HOPE". The buttons may be a reproduction / remake of buttons worn by Hessian soldiers during the Revolutionary War."

    An identical button is currently for sale on eBay with no takers at 99?. http://cgi.ebay.com/METAL-BUTTON-DEV...QQcmdZViewItem

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    Re: found old button!!!

    Thanks Ian!!!! man you are a wealth of knowledge!!!
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    Re: found old button!!!


    Wow I got my history lesson today


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    Re: found old button!!!

    Really nice find!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: found old button!!!

    Nice button Utahman! Congrats!

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    Re: found old button!!!

    That,s a nice button

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    Re: found old button!!!

    Wow, Nice one
    Indago Felix

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    Re: found old button!!!

    Neat-O Find...

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