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    Updated Rules/Guidelines

    Forum Rules/Guidelines
    White's User Forums are provided for the exchange of ideas, comments and conversations. Users are expected to follow the rules for posting and to be considerate of others. Thank you for helping us keep the forum in order and our content on topic.

    General Forum Rules:

    • Soliciting, offers to buy or sell products is not permitted.

    • Keep the discussion civil, respectful and on topic. Remember, we have members from all walks of life.

    • Inappropriate content, images and/or video is not permitted.

    • Video, images or posts with deliberately placed advertisements by the user is not permitted.

    • Spamming the forum, or spamming users through private messages or email is not permitted.

    • Post, upload, pm or transmit to other members content that infringes on copyright, patent, trademark, or other proprietary right of any party is not permitted.

    • Please avoid multiple forum accounts.

    • Discussions, comparisons, and mentions of other brands is allowed. Overt promotion of other brands is not permitted.

    Regional Forum Rules:

    • All the above rules apply with an exception...
    • Dealers/Distributors are allowed to promote their websites and dealership within the regional forum only (which includes offering their products for sale).

    Posting guidelines:

    • Respect the moderators. The White's moderators are volunteers tasked with keeping the forum on topic and civil.

    • Use basic internet etiquette (don't post in all capital letters, don't post the same thing in more than 1 place, etc..)

    • Report violations of the rules to a moderator or administrator.

    • Each section of the forum has a specific purpose. Please keep your posts on-subject to eliminate duplicate posts.

    White's Electronics reserves the right to modify the rules or guidelines at any time.
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