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    Red face picked up a whites coinmaster 4000/d series 3

    i know its a old one picked it up for 40 bucks its in good shape took me a wile to set it rite had to read the book afew times im just not use to all them knobs is this still a good detector? seams to work fine Click image for larger version. 

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    Welcome to the forum !!

    That's a good ol' unit .... I had one years ago and made many a good find with it .... Just take your time and learn what its tellin' you and you'll find enough to pay for it quickly !!

    Good luck !!
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    thanks deolsyfox i took it on a hour hunt today at a park took my time with it works better then i thought

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    Welcome to the forum GL&HH
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    Welcome to the forum. That coinmaster will serve you well.

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    Forty Bucks! Good deal. I know a couple of sports fields where you can find enough clad to pay that off in about two weeks and never have to dig more than three inchs deep.

    Happy Hunting

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    im shocked after 30 years it still works great my grand dad had one just like it i just wasent use to all the knobs

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    Welcome to the forum ... Good luck and happy hunting ...
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    That detector looks like it's spent most of it's life in a closet, it's in very good shape and you got a good deal for sure

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    i know giant it looks new the inside where the batterys go it all looks new dont think it was used much im shocked it goes very deep

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