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    Coinmaster Pro, 6000 Di

    Found this at an Estate Sale. I have no idea even how to use it, and not sure if it is functional. I put the battery on charge, and put it in the proper slot. The unit came on, but following the instructions I wasn't sure I was getting what I was supposed to. I passed the coil over known metallic objects, but didn't get a response.
    I tried tuning it like the instructions said, (Air first, then ground) but even at that didn't get the responses I was reading would happen.
    So not sure.
    Everything seems intact, It came in a little suitcase. It is clean, no scratches except on the bottom of the coil. Everything is there except a pad for the forearm.
    I am not sure when it was made, but I have the serial number.
    Even had a nice steel digging tool.
    I have photos, too if needed.
    I am ready to go, just don't know how to make this thing work.
    In Texas, and Oregon.

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    New User, old coinmaster

    I have a Coin Master 6000 Di I found at a yard sale. It is in great shape, and looks almost new except for the face of the coil.
    I have no real experience using any metal detector so itis all new to me.
    This rig came in a little suitcase and has all parts except an arm brace.
    The battery takes a charge, and holds it, so I was able to put the dial to test battery, and it swung up to halfway readily and stayed therw while I was testing it.
    I downloaded what I thought was the correct manual, but following the instructions did not produce a discernible signal when passing over a known metallic object. I tried coins, keys, tv cable, heavy power cable, all with no change.
    I am not sure what I am doing wrong.
    I am pretty sure the old guy put this away, while it was still working, and never took it out again.
    I have the serial number. I would like to know if this machine is worth the money to put into getting it gone through.
    Or with a few tweaks to my knowledge, perhaps I can get it going on my own.
    any help there?

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    Hi. Welcome to the forum. I merged your posts because they are similar and are about the identical unit. I have a 6000D / S2 that's still going strong. I'd put a set of fresh Alkalines in your detector to start with, just to make sure that your batteries are OK. From there, follow the setup in the manual with everything on the PRESET triangle. Go to GEB Normal mode, pull the trigger and adjust the tuner for a slight hum. Hold the detector waist high and select Air GEB and wait for the "beep". Put the coil on the ground, select Ground GEB and wait for the "beep". You should be able to get target hits at this point. Just toss down a coin and see what happens. If you can hear the threshold and the GB "beeps", you know your speaker / audio is working. If you see the meter moving but get no target audio, you have a box problem. If you don't see any meter movement, and the GB didn't work, you could have a bad coil OR a box problem.

    Hope this is helpful. Good luck !!
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    And if all else fails, send it to Sweet Home for a checkup !
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