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Thread: SEF 10x12 Coil

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    Smile SEF 10x12 Coil

    I have been thinking of buying a SEF 10x12 Coil for my DFX . Has anybody used one? Jim

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    I only own, use and recommend Whites OEM coils. They are designed to provide optimum performance with your detector ....
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    Am with Fox on this one....
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    Last year I ran the M6...the "big" coil I had was the 10X12 SEF and it got some good depth on that machine. Purchased that coil with my M6 because I read the advertising that it goes so much deeper than stock coils. Those claims are exaggerated...just a tad lol
    Then I got a DFX over the winter along with a 10DD coil at the same time, and I never tried the 10X12SEF on the DFX because I primarily used the 10DD.
    This year I've run the V3i with all my coils and will be honest and say that the 10X12 SEF is a nice coil that gets great depth and separates real well. It is about as sensitive to EMI as the 10DD; depth and separation are comparable between the two.

    I've learned from experience though, that White's customer service is the deal-maker on my future purchases. The first 10X12 SEF I had needed to be returned and the place where I bought it does not have the easiest return process. In contrast, when I had to return a White's coil they shipped me a new one no questions asked.

    Bottom line is if you get one of the "good" 10X12 SEF's, it is a very nice coil and I put it on my detector often when I am looking to get big ground coverage, super depth, and great separation for a coil of its size.

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    Good luck and happy hunting ...
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    the sef 10x12 almost never comes off of my vx3..runs smoother,a little deeper,and separates better than my d2 coil. my buddy tried it on his v3i and he had same results...he is ordering one.
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    I want to try the new white one on my v3i, the 18x15 SEF I have runs very smooth, I hunt some huge field areas sometimes ( the kind of fields that make a huge 18x15 coil look small ) I went out with it a couple days ago and ran it for over 2 hours at rx 15 not a single false beep. I only found 3 fired bullets.

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