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    Anyone use White's Eagle II SL still?

    I have asked this a couple of weeks ago, but I really was intrested if anyone still uses Whites Eagle II SL. I would really like to talk to someone who is a active user.


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    Re: Anyone use White's Eagle II SL still?

    I still use the eagle II SL some, I think it may have a little better depth than my XLT. Very good detector.

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    Re: Anyone use White's Eagle II SL still?

    I use the eagle II. I did have a 5900 and then "upgraded" in theory. I'm thinking seriously of either getting an XLT (brother has one) or going back to an analog 6000 (they were sure reliable) The eagle II is OK but I could not beat the reliablity of the 5900. It sure out produced but that is probably associated with youth, opportunity and enthusiasm. I probably need to learn more about the machine. I usually like to just turn it on and go.

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    Re: Anyone use White's Eagle II SL still?

    I do know a fella that has the Eagle II but I've not seen him for some time. He lives a couple of hours from me but I could try to give him a call and see if he is still active. Let me know if that would be helpful to you. If so I'll give it a try for ya and you can try to contact him. My "E" Mail is: but use the Metal Detecting in the "SUBJECT" line since I weed out most other stuff quickly.
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    Re: Anyone use White's Eagle II SL still?

    Hi, I have been using the Eagle II SL for nearly 2 years, but have just upgraded to a DFX + 1400 DD coil.
    I think the Eagle is an excellent machine, nearly always matching the performance of my detecting buddy's DFX find for find.
    I am now keeping it as a back-up machine - it's been getting a bit 'creaky' in it's old age!
    I have been mainly using a custom program that I developed myself, as there was very little information available on the web offering any help.
    Are you using a custom programme or one of the presets?

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    Re: Anyone use White's Eagle II SL still?

    I'm still using mine. In fact my neighbors are thinking about getting into the metal detecting hobby so I took my Eagle SL II and showed them how to search with a detector. I told them to buy a White's machine. I don't have much time to detect working 2 jobs but get out when I can. The Eagle SL II was my third machine. My first machine was a White's 5900 my second machine was a White's 6000D. My present machine is my Eagle. I love it. It still finds coins that other machines, even new ones miss.

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    Lot's of them are in use...

    They were the first Digital Detectors in the Industry, beginning in 1987.

    If you haven't already, Jimmy Sierra wrote a booklet, Understanding the Eagle with Tips and Tricks.

    One of the best TIPS I can offer is on the Extremely Deep Fringe Targets, you are NOT going to get an accurate Target ID, but rather a "00". Also, Accept the -90 to -95 number as well as the +95. This holds TRUE for the Eagle Spectrum, XLT, DFX, as a very Deep Dime, Quarter Etc will be rejected if your REJECTING these crucial #s. This has to do with the Software, as +95 and -95 are Back to Back.


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    Re: Anyone use White's Eagle II SL still?

    Daryl Townley wrote a book : Eagle II SL Shortcourse: for Greater Depth and Operation. This is an excellent book on the Eagle II if you can still find it. I guess I'm lucky, Daryl happens to be a friend of mine and I get the opportunity to pick is brain on he Eagle II SL. He wrote several other books on White's detectors. I'm stuck on White's and I've tried them all.


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    Re: Anyone use White's Eagle II SL still?

    I've had my Eagle II sl for over ten years. I love this machine and will never part with it! It is simple yet very effective.

    In a moment of weakness, I was considering upgrading to a MXT or even a DFX. The salesman at my local detector store said I was "crazy" to get rid of my Eagle. He said it was a "very desireable" and a "much sought-after" machine. He also said that his Dad, the owner of the store and a life-long detectorist, could detect with any machine he wanted to, yet uses his Eagle II and prefers it over any "new and improved" machine on the market.

    I thought that due to it's age, the newer machines with their modern technology would blow it away, but I guess I was wrong. Long live the Eagle II !

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