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    Running hotter than a $2.00 pistol a couple days ago..... sounded like a jitterbug today.... all day

    A couple days ago at the farm site, I ran my MXT full gain, zero discrimination, ran as smooth as polished glass. I ran the DFX equally hot and it was just as smooth, and they were hitting deep.

    Today, in the same location, I had to turn the MXT way back on gain and first triangle on DISC, and it was still noisy. I tried the DFX, same story, noisy noisy noisy, I tried different coils also, same results. Both detectors were noisy every where I went today, despite throttling down the gain and raising the discrimination.

    The DFX may have some tricks to remedy that, which I have yet to learn and remember, AC sensitivity perhaps? I thought maybe solar flares could be the culprit causing this today. I thought it was the wind turbine since it was running full bore today, but when it happened away from the turbine field, that got me thinking about flares.
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    Some tricks on DFX are lowering PAG and maybe AC sens, using 15khz single freq, smaller coil.

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    Supposed to be a real "bad" year for solar flares.....I doubt that windmill in the pic helps either.....pure shame to have to hunt around that....

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    If its EMI, running in 15Khz mode and dropping PAG are the two "treatments of choice" .... Using a smaller coil, if available is also a help.
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    sound like EMI we hunt a place were cell phone tower is some day it a killer
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    Solar or EMI from the wind turbine could be your problem.. You could get EMI from the turbine 1/2 mile away or more.
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