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Thread: need a good long shovel...

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    need a good long shovel...

    ..... so I don't have to bend down as much.

    Any good suggestions? I was looking at the Lesche Ground Shark series. Anybody have any experience with these?
    Vin - newbie

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    One of the veterans I get to hunt with periodically, uses the 40" Ground Shark. He says that it gives him the freedom of not having to bend over near as much, and that if he lost his GS today, he'd but another one tomorrow. I bought the 36" model myself but have not used it much yet. Bending down doesn't bother me so I wish I had bought the 28" model for a lighter shovel. Be aware that the GS in really concave so cutting a neat 6" plug will be more than a challenge. I personally might have gone with a wider bladed Lesche because of the small holes the GS naturally wants to dig by design. martin

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    Check out predator tool they got it all ,long,short. Good luck............
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    Predator...Hercules....31"....works for me.
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    Both Predator and Lesche are great products. I think you'd be happy with either !!
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    You can't go wrong with either
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    All their stuff is made of chrome molly steel too, heck they make motorcycle racing frames from chrome molly, it is tough stuff.

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    we got the T80 good for the woods and frield it come in at 5lb you beat it they got a new one that we are looking at to
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