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    Do you think cleaning the circuit boards will do any good on a Eagle ll?

    After working at getting advice for a while now, one person said they had a metal detector that they bought that didn't work. The took it apart and cleaned it completely. They said they cleaned eveything even things that looked clean. I fond some grit in the Eagle ll but the boards for the most part looked clean. The connection on the inside of the main box looked to be corroded where it goes out and the coil cable connects. i cleaned it. I noted something on one of the chips and cleaned it too. Still things from the display startup scrolls. i got to get around and take it away from my house and try it before I do much more with it. Tough thing is I been out detecting with the M6 finally got my 3rd silver from curb strips a 1964 Wasington down 2 inches. i have a friend that runs a Garret and out did me in quarter finds at the school I had been doing. I think only because I was trying the search of iffy targets to try to find silver. Another with the same detector out did me as wel lbut I was still digging the iffy targets. My usually way of shotting along and only going for the solid hits Netted me much better I done better than they did on the two days each was hunting with me .I am very suprised I don't find more silver in the curb strips around town. But there is a White's dealer in town and I think a lot of people have been at it over the years. Talking to the old guy here I learned he never has gone detecting. But people come to him for detectors because there are no other dealers near here . He informed me the one in Lansing nolonger exist. I got through the same guy that sold me my Eagle with the update chip back in 1988 I think. Its late late I guess time for bed. Hope I get this figured out before summer. If not I guess I will hit the lake beaches with it as dig it all and let my fiancee use my M6. Soon as things work out i'll be going for the V3i possably. I hear a lot of good things.
    M6 Mike
    Fiancee says I need a room for my detectors, LOL
    62 and still moving right along at the curbstrips. Hitting a long forgotten town soon with the other guys hope I show them the yneed a White's.

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    Good luck !!
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    Good hunting

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    I hope your having fun tinkering with the old Eagle, I would have sent in in to Whites already for repair. Good luck
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    Good luck. Keep us posted.

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    good luck and good hunting
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    Good luck in the old town. Let us know how it goes.

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    The best way to clean up a circuit board is with some spray on circuit board cleaner and scrub with a toothbrush. It's a little expensive but it sure does a great job at cleaning any corrosion, debris etc. I have repaired many electronic devices in this manner. The green stuff is what you should really inspect closer after initial cleaning, that green corrosion will corrode component connections right in half sometimes.

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    One thing you must be careful about when handling electronic components is ESD (Electro Static Discharge). The static in your body can discharge at thousands of volts and one zap can damage sensitive components, especially solid state components like IC chips. This can happen without you even knowing it. Sometimes it won't cause a catastrophic failure (sometimes it will) but it can create a reliability problem that results in intermittent operation or failure over a period of time. You should never touch any metal parts when handling circuit boards and it is important to dissipate the static in your body by touching something that is grounded first or wearing a grounded wrist strap. Also you should have a static safe area when working on it that is free from styrofoam, plastic, etc. This is why you see electronic things packaged in "metallic" bags. Those bags are conductive to dissipate static discharges in transit. Not to sound like a know-it-all but I've worked around electronics for 30 years, both in the military and now in private sector manufacturing and design.

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