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Thread: Whites Hot foot cross field coil DD

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    Whites MXT GMT

    Whites Hot foot cross field coil DD

    Need Info on this coil and how dose it compare to the other 3 coils for my 2010 GMT. The coil is 2-3/8 x 9-3/8 any info would help I live in Alaska and love my GMT and thinking about getting a TDI SL Thanks.

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    "Hot Shot" and "Hot Foot" coils are 3rd party accessory coils. There are folks here on the forum that have had good luck with the "Big Foot".

    I only own, use and recommend White's OEM coils. They are designed to provide maximum performance with your detector, and come backed by the White's warranty and customer support network.

    I "think" the "hot foot" is for MXT / DFX, but there may be a "hot foot" for the GMT that I'm not aware of. There is also a "big foot" for the MXT / DFX, but I don't think that they are in production any longer. As I noted earlier, I prefer White's OEM coils ....

    The TDI SL is an awesome unit, and will serve you well in the prospecting and relic arenas !!

    Hope this is helpful.
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    Except for being able to get that coil in between rocks and stubs, I think your better served using the stock 6x10. I have had all 3 of Whites GMT coils and the 6x10 is the most useful.
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    I too would like to have a TDI in my aresenal however not today Personally I have no experience with the GMT cause there's no place in the area for hunting nuggets but with the TDI depth is what it's about and it would be fantastic for relics.

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    I checked with Whites with the following question..."Are the Big foot or Hot foot coils available for either the V3i or VX3? "
    Their response was "
    No longer available" I was thinking of getting one in the future when I go to a V3i or VX3... Coloma Gold

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