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    Whites (Sears) TR/Discriminator Model 321.596420

    Hey guys, I have this old Whites (Sears) TR/Discriminator Model 321.596420 metal detector... problem is that I need to replace the coil and do not know where to find one... The part number is 804-2408-502 and is listed as a 8" Loop 4BS2. Any idea on where I can find this, or if there is another coil that I might be able to use... Would really like to get some use out of this detector but with the current coil broken I am scared to take it out.

    Any suggestions?

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    Sorry, this Sears 596420 is older than deolslyfox knew, early to mid 1970's. This model is the same as White's Coinmaster 4/D. Replacement search coils have not been available for 25 years or more. Although the search coil rarely failed on this model.

    You would likely have to buy a used Coinmaster 4D off e-bay for any spare parts including the search coil. I have seen them sell for $25 - $35 in working condition.

    You would not want to spend a lot of time or money on it. A brand new Coinmaster $179.95, will outperform the 4/D by a huge, huge, margin. Although there are some Southern California beaches where the 4/D really shined (unusually great performance), on the average a new Coinmaster would more than triple the 4/D typical detection depth and discrimination.

    The 4/D and its big brother, the 5/D (interchangeable parts) were both huge, huge, numbers for sales units, should be able to find a used one fairly easy for parts.

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    Welcome to the forum Cindy
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    Thanks Steve. Glad I asked you to chime in. I deleted my post about the Blue Max coil possibly working.

    I agree. With a unit this old, new technology is definately the way to go !!
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    good luck with it we hate to one of the old detector go down give it a good home
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