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    Coinmaster 2900/D Trooper trouble

    Well, my older older brother had a 1980's metal detector down in the basement... i brought it up, fixed the battery wire, and it turns on. the red light comes on saying that the battery is working, and the static comes out of the speaker, but as soon as i give the old thing a good swing, the static stops... the red battery light is still on, but the noise stops. I've tried taking it over a coin and everything, but it just stops making a noise. when i turn it off then back on, it does the exact same thing... if somebody could help me, it would be greatly appreciated. if it's something i could fix myself, great! otherwise, i think this thing is going on ebay...

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    Welcome to the forum ,,,I think this is the right manual for your detector
    Give this a read to see if it helps ...
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    yeah, that is the right one haha somebody posted that when i googled the issue... i think there may be a short in a wire or something, but i'm not sure...

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    welcome aboard! hope you get it working!
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    It could be something as easy as a dirty pot, or it could be a cap that has dried out .... When those old units sit for a long time with no power, they are just like any other piece of 30 year old technology. Without schematics and some troubleshooting gear, your best bet is to contact White's.

    If you have the necessary equipment - meter / o'scope, you might contact Carl@White's via PM and ask about schematics. If anybody can help you, it would be Carl.

    Good luck !!
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    well i pmed him... we shall see what happens

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