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Thread: Master Reset

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    Master Reset

    Some months ago it was posted on the forum how to do the Master Reset. If I am not mistaken White's requested it be removed and it disappeared from the forum. Recently I was not able to use the Expert Menu, I was getting "NOT RESPONDING" each time I tried to use it. I finally remembered that I had downloaded the instructions on how to use the Master Reset. I tried it and it worked to fix my problem. Now I am wondering why it was thought necessary to remove it. I would think it should have been included in the V3i manual.
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    Master reset was removed due to people not knowing how to perfom the proper steps to do a master reset. It can do more harm to your detector than good. If not proplery done by whites teck group. Thats the best thing. If you have an issue with your detector send it to whites. They can fix it correct the first time. Then you dont have to think twice if its working proplery. If you do a master reset to your unit it may void your warrenty

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