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    4900 dl max

    I just got a used (but new) 4900 dl max. It has a blue 800 max head but I want to beef it up a bit. What can I do to add a new coil and go from a 8 inch to a larger one. Also head phones is another issue. I used it today to play areound the farm here with and found it to be rather good. But as stated I want to make it work better.


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    Here's some info on coils courtesy of Dimeman .... Your unit is a 6.592Khz machine. There are lots of headphones available. Just do a Google search and see what's available. I wouldn't go any lower than the White's Royals @ $50.00 on the website.

    Whatever phones you get, you may need to (1) get a Stereo to Mono adapter (Radio Shack P/N 274-360), or a set of phones with a Stereo / Mono switch.

    Good phones to look at are KOSS / Detector Pro / Black Widow / Gray Ghosts, but you may pay more for the phones then you did for the machine.

    One set that comes to mind that has the built in Mono / Stereo switch AND separate volume controls is EAGLE. They're about $100.00.

    Hope this is helpful. Da FoX
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