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    Making a Surfmaster PI Pro Coil Sink

    So I got one of those foam filled floating searchcoils that came on the used unit I bought dirt cheap. It didn't come with the epoxy filled sinking diver coil.

    Pretty annoying to have the coil want to float upwards as well as needing extra muscle to keep it down....

    Decided it needed weight, I actually made a quick mold using the coil and scrap cardboard.

    My first attempt molding a weight was a bit heavy, to much weight in the tip area.

    Decided to make another again using sand and epoxy resin I had on hand using what I learned from the first weight..

    I mixed up exactly 10 oz. of sand with 5 fluid oz. of mixed 2 part epoxy. Stirred
    the sand in until it was a nice thick paste like texture. spread the mix into the mold
    with the majority of it pushed back to the rear of the search coil. Tilted the front
    of the coil upwards to make sure the mix would not flow towards the coils front.

    I popped it out of the mold, it weighs in at 13 oz.

    Placed it back on the coil, filled up a tote with water
    and placed it into the water. 13 oz. is the perfect weight that will make the coil slowly sink
    in freshwater.

    The weight has now been painted white, a few days of drying and it will be ready to use.

    Still deciding how to attach the weight so it is removable for dry sand hunting. 2 sided tape, velcro, cable ties...
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    That is an awesome job in solving that problem.. wtg

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    Pretty kewl. We used to use a bag of glass marbles tied to the shaft ....
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    Kooks good,,, Thats one way to skin a cat
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    great mod i would attach it with velcro cable ties

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    very clever!!!
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