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    Coinmaster 4000D series 2 --HELP!

    I live in a mid 1800s home. I have been trying to detect for over 3yrs. All I find are nails and iron. Although, today I did find a coin...near a staple. What am I doing wrong? I no longer have the book.
    I set the controls on:
    Dial- GEB (power GEB and Disc are my options)
    Dial-Then GEB has another dial 0 to 10. I set this on 5.
    Dial-Sensitivity in the normal to normal high,
    Dial-Disc...I've been varying on the rejection from 1 gnd rej to max disc.
    The tuner I use as I recall: press set/reset button on the handle, tune until audible, lower disc and release.

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    Re: Coinmaster 4000D series 2 --HELP!

    Welcome to the forum Labelle. You can find your instruction manual on White's web site at this link

    Good luck. HH

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    Re: Coinmaster 4000D series 2 --HELP!

    Labelle, you should not be finding iron at all, especially not small iron (larger stuff like horse-shoes, cast-iron stove tops, etc..., might bleed through). As long as you have your disc. set to nix out iron, you should only get conductive targets. From there, you can select if you want to reject foil, tabs, etc.... (but beware, if you nix foil, you may miss smaller gold rings, for instance). For copper & silver coins, you can loose all iron, and practically all aluminum (except full cans), assuming the coin is not masked under iron, etc... To know the calibrations, do some air tests, with a variety of junk objects (nails, foil wads, tabs, bottle caps, aluminum screw caps, etc...) and see the place on the disc. dial that they start to drop out at. Do the same test with USA coins. You'll see that a nickel is lost if you nix tabs, but all other USA coins you can get, even at higher disc. levels.

    Are you in motion disc? Maybe you're not keeping the proper swing on there. You have to keep motion on the coil, or else the object fades. Do the air tests by propping it up on a table, away from all metal objects (nails in the table, rings or watches on your hand, etc...) and try different sweep speeds waving the different objects in front of the coil. Once you've got the sounds in your head, it'll give you a better idea of what you're hearing out in the field. Good luck!

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    Re: Coinmaster 4000D series 2 --HELP!


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    Secrets of the White's Coinmaster Exposed, at least some secrets.

    I'm in agreement with the Man from Salinas....

    The 4000 is a TR Discriminator. In the discrimination mode, your ground balance has no effect, only works in all metal.

    As Tom suggested you want to RAISE your Discrimination up to a point where the nail is just starting to be rejected. Coins will still give you a continuous solid smooth response. Nails will give you a broken response. If your down in the 1/Ground, your really not utilizing your TR Discriminator.

    The second part of proper tuning would be to adjust your threshold or background hummmm so its continuous as you scan the ground keeping your loop at a constant height as height deviation will induce false signaling or gating. You can minimize this by reducing your sensitivity.

    Turn your sensitivity down all the way and notice how easy it is to MAINTAIN your threshold while in Discrimination TR Mode. Now turn your sensitivity UP all the way and notice how much falsing etc.

    The right amount or Optimum Sensitivity depends on your ground Mineralization or Strength. Higher Minrealization calls for reduced sensitivity. Adjust it for the Best of BOTH Worlds.....
    Controlling your threshold but with the best possible recognizeable signal.

    Bury a Dime at 6" which will test the limits of your 4000. There is also a reverse discrimination method I won't go into right now, because I would be accused of Welfare Information Dissemination, which is not an entitlement. Give us some FEEDBACK.

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    Re: Coinmaster 4000D series 2 --HELP!

    If I use my detector on GEB I pick up everything which is where all of my nails come up. At this point, from what I gather, I should put it on Disc at the point of the discrimination where the junk does not come up. Is this correct?
    There was a spot this morning that was going off like crazy. I dug it to find what I'm thinking was a false reading but when I nixed out a rock from the hole that was reacting the perimeter of the hole still is soulding off. Initially, I did find what looks a lot like a brass tiny pawn. I am perplexed. It is apparent to me on disc that I need to get my swing down it goes off very easily. I do not have headphones yet, so when this blares it won't stop so I have to go elsewhere reset. (My neighbors will love me again when I get those headphones.) This afternoon hopefully I'll get a chance to tinker some more.
    On another subject, is it common to dig up a lot of carbon like bone resembling material? The Carbon-like is more like flakes of white pressed together, some partly black. Some things are chunkier and when I snap them they look like the cross section of the marrow in the bones. These people who owned the house in the early 1900s managed a meat market, so far I've chalked it up to that and maybe they had a dog to drag & bury them. They are at all depths until I hit the clay. There is also a lot of melted pieces of shiny rock like stuff- I assume that is related to the multi colored glass like rock I've always pertained to as lava rock. (This is navy green, blue, purple and white glass like with holes.) I guess I don't expect an answer of this stuff since it may be because of where I live but I need to check just in case. Thank again for all of the help. I'll be updating again.

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    Re: Coinmaster 4000D series 2 --HELP!

    Sorry, I can't help you much with your 4000, but I do want to say welcome to the forum. You've come to the right place for help!

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    Re: Coinmaster 4000D series 2 --HELP!

    AGAIN.... As Tom suggested you want to RAISE your Discrimination up to a point where the nail is just starting to be rejected. Coins will still give you a continuous solid smooth response. Nails will give you a broken response. If your down in the 1/Ground, your really not utilizing your TR Discriminator.

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    Re: Coinmaster 4000D series 2 --HELP!

    I've finally been tweeking enough to find a couple of dimes. They are shallow and recent- but it is better than nothing. We have a lot of mineral in the soil up here so I'm hoping it doesn't inhibit my capabilities. Otherwise I'm hoping to get a new "area friendly" one by spring. Thank you for all of the help and welcome - I love this site.

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    Re: Coinmaster 4000D series 2 --HELP!

    OK... your starting to get the hang of it...

    Now your ready for Reverse Discrimination:

    This is your Deepest Strategy with the 4000.

    Primary Hunting Mode is the ALL METAL Mode...
    * Ground Balance so the GB Mode threshold is maintained if the loop is bobbed up and down.
    * Hunt in the GB Mode.
    * When you encounter a Target in your single channel all metal mode... listen to the three S's..
    Size, Shape & Signal response.
    * If its shallow... switch to the TR Disc and check it out normally
    * If its Deeper or OUT OF TR Disc Range (usually 4 to 5" or more),
    a. Center the Target (loudest point)
    b. While over the Target Center, keep the Loop still and switch to the TR Disc Mode
    c. Now, press the RETUNE Button in the handle reducing the centered SIGNAL back to Threshold.
    d. Now, SLOWLY and CAREFULLY keeping the loop flat, move the Loop off the target area
    e. IF the threshold then INCREASES.... Bad Target
    f. IF the threshold goes QUIET or maintains threshold.... DIG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Coinmaster 4000D series 2 --HELP!

    Greg- Thank you for your help and patience. This is awesome doing reverse discrimination. I have dug up a lot more coins...all recent though. How do I determine the depth of the target? A few times I have come across the situation in reverse discrimination where I have moved from the target and it is louder on one side and if I sweep in another direction it stays silent. I haven't dug them but when I put it on TR it has shown up nothing. Thank you.

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    Re: Coinmaster 4000D series 2 --HELP!


    What your PROBABLY enountering is one of two things....

    Often, when the located target is ferrous, usually non round or odd shapped, it will exhibit a different response that is stronger on one side with a null in the center and weaker response or ferrous double beep.

    The other thing that may be happening are edge targets off to the side that PULL or DRAG at your signal causing a response or nulling in various directions. By elevating your loop up to 8" above the ground and scan the several square feet and see if you can hear the OTHER INTERFERING Targets.

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