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    Coinmaster 6000di series 3

    I just bought this older White's detector and was wondering if there were any tricks to help me set this up and to use this easier.? I have the manual, and it gives the basics, but was wondering if anyone could help me with the nuances of this MD.? It does work, i have found many nails, a couple of horse shoes, and a couple of spoons, alas, no gold yet .

    I picked it up at an estate sale, I figured what the heck, If it does not work I'm only out $25.



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    Just a few simple tips for your 6000 Di Series 3.

    #1.. remember that it is a 4-filter, faster-sweep model.? The stock 8" coil is about the best to use on it.? You can get a larger coil, but the larger the coil size, the more sweep speed you will need in order to feed in ample ground signal for filtering.

    #2.. The 6000 Di S-3 will not use the current "Blue max" series of coils.

    #3.. Keep the Volume set at the 'preset' Maximum setting.

    #4.. Adjust the Tuner control for a slight audio "threshold" and be sure to use quality headphones.

    #5.. If possible, do not use more Discrimination than the factory preset, and if all you are dealing with is small iron nails then perhaps reduce it slightly just to the point wherre they are rejected.

    #6.. Make all sweeps smooth, consistent, and with a uniform coil presentation to the ground.? Don't lift the coil at the sides of the sweep.

    #7.. Ajust for a slightly positive GB when lowering the coil from about 8" to ?"-1".

    Enjoy the your new, old detector.? The analog meter is one of the best ever, and while it will not perform up to the standard of today's XL Pro, it might please you enough to consider an "up-grade."?

    Comparing today's XL Pro, which is a direct decenent of the earlier 6000's design concept, the current model:

    ? is much lighter
    ? much better balanced
    ? has the 'S' rod design for comfort and better control
    ? uses a 8-AA battery tray for lower-cost and drop-in ease
    ? has better manual control for increased field performance
    ? allows for a slower, more moderate sweep speed compared with earlier 6000 series models
    ? features 'AutoTrac? to maintain a proper GB
    ? is the successful new engineered circuitry of the 6000 Pro XL that was a design goal to match or better the prior 6000 Di Pro SL, and now is just renamed the "XL Pro"

    Have fun.? It is a White's!


    A dedicated White's fan!
    Beep-DIG! ... "Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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    Re: Coinmaster 6000di series 3

    Cool, thanks for the tips Monte.

    I already enjoy it. The only issue that I had with it is that the battery would not re-charge. I ended up getting the standard battery case, so as to use regular c cell batteries. I did not want to spend any extra money on something that may not have worked.

    A future buy is always a possibility.


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    Re: Coinmaster 6000di series 3

    I'm sure White's will have replacement batteries for it...

    If not, check out your local R/C hobby shop - those remote control car shops have LOTS of rechargeable batteries with tabs welded on that you can use to build custom packs with.

    You can also get them in higher current capacity for longer life in the field on a charge. Just remember that if you use higher capacity batteries you will need to charge them longer to get 'em fully charged.

    Yes, my detectors DO fit in my Miata!

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    Re: Coinmaster 6000di series 3

    I had a 6000 di series 3 given to me the other day. It goes deeper than anything I,ve used so far in the GEB modes except the disc mode. The tone works good but the meter only ID's down to about 4 inches but the depth reading is right on. The ground here is quite mineralized but is this normal for this unit??

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    Re: Coinmaster 6000di series 3

    ID at four inchs is fine. Like you said the soil is hot there. The audio quality has for me been one of the most acurate ways to determine the good or bad of a target. The 5000-6000 series 2 didn't have VID , an even smooth audio responce was the way to ID. I believe the series 3 was the first of the 6000's VID machines. Monte's the guy who can put better discriptions of White's funtions and an potentials on the web. It takes a little time with a different machine to get used to what is't saying to you. hang in there and Happy hunting

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    Re: Coinmaster 6000di series 3

    Boy, that Monte is a silver tongued devil ? The man knows his stuff.? Mike, each machine has a learning curve. Don't give up on that 6000. You have a "GOOD" machine there, it just takes a little time to master it.? HH

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    Re: Coinmaster 6000di series 3

    I have been reading some of Monte's posts and he is a treasure trove of info on the Whites units. I was looking for a detector I could use the sounds to ID the targets by ear and this one fell into my lap. I started out with an old Coinmaster all metal unit but learned to ID coins by the sound and found my first silver with it. This unit should fit the bill.

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    Re: Coinmaster 6000di series 3

    Thanks for the help guys.

    I really have not had alot of time to get out and try a few things out, but intend to as soon as I can.

    This forum is nice and helpful.

    Thanks again.


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