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    Bronx Dad

    Chargeable Battery # 802-5211

    Hi!? Don't know what I did with? the instructions (And can't remember) Can anyone tell me how long to charge? There are two options ("FAST" and "OVERNIGHT") There is a notation on the charger that says not to overcharge so I don't want to do so. In the meantime I'll just use the regular 8 AA battery pack for the Classic. MANY THANKS.

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    Re: Chargeable Battery # 802-5211

    Bronx Dad:

    You can download a maula from the whites website. It will have the charge time chart in it.


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    Re: Chargeable Battery # 802-5211

    Make that manual!

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    Re: Chargeable Battery # 802-5211

    Bronx, Fast charge for no more than 4hrs. Slow charge is for overnight or even longer without damage. Tony
    We're in a hobby that is supported by LOOSERS !!

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    Bronx Dad

    Re: Chargeable Battery # 802-5211

    THANKS TO ALL.? I knew I could count on you.

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    Try to use JUST the Overnight....

    Fast Charge would be for a more URGENT need. Remember, they are NICADS and NOT NIMHI (which do not get a memory).

    From the SF Peninsula, Greg

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