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  1. White's TDI Coin Settings and Target Responses
  2. A very nice surprise
  3. brand new machine little time
  4. 12 Volt Charger
  5. Quick Coin Hunting setup
  6. TDI Batteries
  7. Another Discovery
  8. Probe Accessory for TDI
  9. coil cover for 12"
  10. Quick set up for....
  11. Threshhold Levels
  12. First field test with TDI
  13. Mill site findings
  14. Help me to understand Pulse delay better
  15. Feeling left out
  16. Identifying Ferrous from Non-Ferrous
  17. Setting the Threshold Properly
  18. Ground balance adjustment
  19. Masking test
  20. Ambient noise and the frequency control
  21. Selectivity
  22. Well here Goes
  23. Beyond a doubt
  24. What the Ground Balance Control Can and Cannot Do.
  25. First use of the TDI on Daytona Beach
  26. New Loop forth coming?
  27. TDI Battery
  28. conductivity switch
  29. The Monster Unleashed
  30. Another TDI forum...
  31. Amazing find
  32. My First Gold Nugget with the White's Pulsescan TDI
  33. Pinpointer for the TDI.....
  34. Help on identifying large iron.....
  35. Are we detuning the TDI?
  36. Beach Settings
  37. TDI Question
  38. Time to get cracking on the manual
  39. Dry ground conditions and Pulse depth
  40. Short Spin
  41. Smaller Coil
  42. What Happens When You Loan Your TDI?
  43. First Outing
  44. My First Gold Nugget with the White's Pulsescan TDI
  45. Quiet here
  46. White's Advertising Dept.
  47. TDI Webpage - Whose?
  48. Holding loop stationary over target?
  49. Idea for TDI modification...
  50. Introduction B)
  51. Ditch the filer
  52. Very Happy user, of the TDI
  53. Park hunting
  54. Soil That Doesn't Balance.
  55. Ground signals
  56. Interpreting TDI Audio
  57. Audio Tone Switch and possibly and auto tune speed
  58. Yesterday's Outing
  59. Forum no longer moderated
  60. Civil War Relic hunting settings
  61. Reg Sniff Tip
  62. Serial no.
  63. Pulse Delay
  64. More experience, more observations...
  65. Reports
  66. Battert & Tones
  67. Question about discrimation in "good" ground
  68. Ground Balancing with the TDI
  69. Which Coil
  70. First Time Story with the TDI
  71. Back after a long illness
  72. TDI at Diggin in Virginia
  73. Pulse TDI ,I cant tell the difference between iron audio sounds and bullets!
  74. The TDI at DIV X
  75. Well Pounded Patch
  76. Placer Gold
  77. TDI finds at diggin in VA 10
  78. Tested the small coil this morning in iron infested good ground.
  79. Having Success with the TDI
  80. Happy New Year.
  81. Fact or Fiction??
  82. Recharging the Lithium Ion Batteries while in the UK
  83. TDI Not sensitive
  84. TDI Video is Available
  85. Nail tip that seems to work......
  86. Were to hunt in Fernley Nv. and Colfax Ca.
  87. Amazing depth with the TDI
  88. Need you relic hunters to try something.....
  89. Meteorits
  90. Anyone know what the changes for OZ is?
  91. TDI Relic Video
  92. TDI ground balance chart?
  93. Back for a short time.
  94. New TDI??????
  95. TDI Question (Depth, Myth, Discrimination)
  96. Tdi at the beach ?
  97. Another Tdi beach question
  98. New to TDI... Perhaps the PRO is the way to go.
  99. TDI ground balance relative to MXT GND
  100. Got my new TDI Pro!
  101. tdi pro
  102. Battery Charger for TDI Pro Help Please !!!!!
  103. Dankowski test.
  104. Any news on the TDI auto charger yet? Thanks Whites!
  105. TDI Pro My First Gold Capable Detector
  106. TDI™ Pro Metal Detector
  107. .....TDI Pro.....Update
  108. Looking for some TDI Pro find stories!
  109. .....New TDI & Custom Paint Job.....
  110. Depth of Liberty 5 cent.
  111. TDI Pro US vs. OZ
  112. Pulse Scan TDI-Pro in WA.
  113. Hi all
  114. Looking at the TDI
  115. slow pulse 200 - 250
  116. TDI pro car charger
  117. eliptical coil for tdi pro
  118. New User to the Whites tdi family & first real find
  119. The Tips for coin hunting/relic
  120. Whites TDI and TDI Pro Dealer Only Sales Policy
  121. TDI coil 7.5" Dual Field input on this coil and in usa does an one use the mono vs dual
  122. Tdi pro
  123. Help with TDI
  124. TDI Fiberglass coil rod ?
  125. Just bought the TDI pro some questions...
  126. TDI PRO and Gold rings.
  127. What about a yard full of decomposing nails? What can the tdi do in this situation.
  128. tomorrow
  129. out today
  130. .....Summer is coming.....
  131. Technical Question
  132. Control box cover
  133. Coinshooting with the TDI
  134. TDI for Hunted Out Site?
  135. TDI coupons
  136. problem with screws
  137. cant Whites make a belt mounted version of the TDI ?
  138. Square nails are killing me
  139. New TDI today..ground balance question
  140. Wet sand
  141. It is on the way!
  142. Ground Balance Offset?
  143. Lithium batter charger
  144. Head start suggestion
  145. New TDI ??
  146. Hunting with the TDI in a trash filled feild
  147. TDI PRO settings
  148. My TDI video hunting coins in Iron
  149. TDI SL intro
  150. tdi for the beach (océan atlantique)
  151. Factory Visit + TDI SL
  152. Good info for TDI Pro and TDI users
  153. TDI-SL or MXT Pro
  154. TDI-PRO or TDI-SL
  155. Metal Detector in the Philippines
  156. Coils for small gold
  157. Iron discrimination with TDI SL
  158. Check-It-Out
  159. Audio for Sale?
  160. TDI SL Vs 12 Year Old Garrett
  161. Question about electrical interference with the TDI PRO
  162. a little noise
  163. Some good tips for coinhunting.
  164. TDI SL question
  165. TDI on the beach ?
  166. New to forum and just purchased a TDI for nugget shooting
  167. TDI vs Surf PI Dual Field
  168. TDI pro in the cold.
  169. What coil will find small gold on a TDI ?
  170. Is It A Good Buy
  171. Recent TDI SL finds
  172. TDI 12 df coil weight?
  173. Another TDI Pro or TDI Sl question for a newby
  174. maybe having an issue with my TDI?
  175. New TDI SL
  176. Coin hunting with the TDI SL Today
  177. TDI SL coin settings in low mineralized ground
  178. I went in for a new coil and left with TDI sl
  179. TDIsl vs Hot rocks
  180. TD Ground balance
  181. Suggestions for TDI SL settings, coins
  182. What is the main difference between the TDI, TDI PRO and TDI SL
  183. Drove 200+ miles today to get my new TDI Pro :-)
  184. Need help with TDI purchase decision
  185. Razorback Coils
  186. Minelab Coils
  187. TDI pro oz Ground Balance
  188. TDI Phased Out ???
  189. Tip the TDI Coil on end?
  190. Depth Of Tdi Pro.
  191. TDI SL mod
  192. TDI DVD new?
  193. Looking for a control box cover for my TDI SL
  194. TDI PRO VS TDI SL video
  195. got me a tdi sl wow
  196. Jimmy Sierra Coils for the TDi????
  197. new guy with with a tdi sl question
  198. Looking for advise on the TDI, TDI-Pro, & TDI-SL
  199. RazorBack 14" Mono Coil
  200. Iron Reject
  201. Tdi sl / arizona
  202. TDI Battery Life
  203. Should I be worried?
  204. After market DD coils on the TDI? Effects on 'disc'?
  205. TDI on its way
  206. Waterproof TDI
  207. Didn't do any digging
  208. Took the TDI out into the yard today
  209. Inline probe
  210. Hunted with the TDI today
  211. Receive pulse question for TDI SL
  212. MD power questions
  213. TDI SL max voltage permitted
  214. Getting there
  215. can't get my gain to 6 and every time i go some where else it goes lower and lower
  216. TDI Pro or TDI SL?Which one to buy?
  217. Need help with Ground Balancing
  218. TDI Chart and ground balance (GB)
  219. digging to much iron on the high tone do you think i need to send it back
  220. tdi on fire at park
  221. Ratio of PI machines to VLF
  222. low conductor masking high
  223. TDI Pro Battery
  224. TDI after market coils
  225. new TDI for 2014
  226. dear whites
  227. Silly Question . . .
  228. Extension rod?
  229. why do i have the urge to use my tdi pro
  230. Looking for settings for the TDI-SL
  231. coil detection area
  232. I need a book on TDI machines
  233. The Meaning of TDI
  234. Chinese knock offs
  235. Got Bad Vibes From Whites The Other Day
  236. Air Requirements For The TDI Pro
  237. The TDI Pro for Those That Don't Know
  238. Tdi
  239. I Own A New TDI Pro And Sometimes It Makes Me Miserable !
  240. TDI not reaching down like it should
  241. The ML 5000, the ATX, and little old tdi pro
  242. Last Saturday
  243. How does pulse work in freshwater.
  244. Tdi pro settings for hunting civil war articfacts
  245. TDI sl updates
  246. TDI PRO modified?
  247. dear whites yet again problems with the tdi i just don't get it anymore
  248. Small coil performance
  249. Anybody interested in the Pulse Pro?
  250. TDI vs TDI SL