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  1. Long Island
  2. looking for new jersey metal detecting hunters
  3. Long Islander looking for info on rules/regs on MD'ing in New Jersey.
  4. Putnam county N.Y. Here
  5. Syracuse, NY here
  6. Best New Jersey Dealers
  7. Corning NY here...
  8. Orange County N.Y.
  9. upstate New York near Syr.
  10. Northern NYS Here
  11. Looking for NJ/NY folks to start a weekend TH/detecting group.....
  12. Hey all you fellow addicts! NJ here. Want to hunt a cellar hole this weekend?
  13. Does anybody hunt in NYC?
  14. Winter Blahs
  15. six more weeks of winterII
  16. lost treasure weekend in the catskills june-4-6,2010
  17. Attention all New Jersey Hunters
  18. looking for a buddy in the syracuse new york area or any where thatis within an hour drive
  19. Think winter is here
  20. Long Island Laws and Regs.
  21. Rookie in New Jersey
  22. Nyc ??
  23. New York near Bighamton
  24. hello Sandals ???
  25. It had to come sometime
  27. just wanting to introduce myself
  28. Found Indian Head Penny
  29. New to White's forum from Berlin NJ
  30. nyc hunters check in !
  31. Nyc parks. Kissena park
  32. A beautiful day for hunting
  33. Sunken Meadow State Park
  34. long island after the huricane!
  35. Pilgrim State Hospital Hunting
  36. I had some luck today
  37. Atlantic Treasure Club
  38. president right next to me
  39. Hunting Houses built in 1910
  40. my finds so far for 2013
  41. more of 2013 finds
  42. Sea Girt, NJ
  43. Hi, I'm Joe from Nassau. New here!
  44. my first
  45. Anyone find anything interesting at Flushing Meadows Corona Park?
  46. Anyone else run in to the same Wheat Cent problems?
  47. Deep Freeze in Long Island Checking in!
  48. Wedding Ring Found in Massapequa
  49. What Pennies Buy
  50. Deep Freeze in Long Island Checking in! continued...
  51. How are you LI'ers doing this spring
  52. New member from Suffolk
  53. Metal Detector Storage
  54. Here's what I do
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