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  2. Beach Hunter ID water leakage :(((
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  4. Help with my BHID 300
  5. have a question on the duelfield pi
  6. extremly green
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  11. Just got me new Beach Hunter 300 today.
  12. Beach Hunter ID 300
  13. Understanding P.I. Interference (Re/ Surf P.I. Dual Field).
  14. Beach Hunter ID ( How to super tune )
  15. Beach Hunter ID
  16. surfmaster pi circuit board connections
  17. Unknown object.
  18. Beach Hunter ID 300
  19. Bought a Surfmaster Pro PI
  20. beach hunter id coil ( matrix) how deep
  21. Surfmaster PI PRO Searchcoil Clevis (stem)
  22. New to the forum and in need of DF assistance!
  23. labal on beach hunter id comeing off
  24. BHID vs Dual Field
  25. BHID Control gasket
  26. BHID heading to Whites for service UGH!
  27. BHID 300 Batteries
  28. beach hunter id leaking today
  29. Newby saying Hi and thank you Whites
  30. Beach Hunter I.D. the infamous bobby pin/nail signal
  31. Surmaster dual field ...Gain or Threshold ?
  32. Surfmaster II
  33. BHID purchase ? .....Updated
  34. BHID Arrived in Sweet Home today - can't wait!
  35. Whites must be really backed up with repairs?...UPDATED
  36. BH ID GB problem
  37. trouble with the pi pro?
  38. seized rods
  39. GB BH300 Questions
  40. BHID vs. BHID 300
  41. BHID 300 advice please from a potential buyer
  42. New BeachHunter 300
  43. Surf P.I.Pro Headphones....
  44. Some basic BHID 300 precautions
  45. BeachHunter battery door
  46. Wiring the coil
  47. beach hunter id 300 acting up
  48. Floating coil problem solved
  49. Which water detector will suit my needs best?
  50. BeachHunter 300 review
  51. BH300 sent in for repair
  52. Do floating headphones annoy you ?
  53. BH300 is the real deal!!!!!
  54. Hipmount BH300?
  55. Can you make adjustements to Surfmaster Dual Field internally?
  56. V3i D2 coil submersible
  57. is anything better than a surf duel field??
  58. Surfmaster PI Pro question
  59. Want to buy a used Surfmaster PI
  60. Opinions on Surfmaster PI Pro
  61. whats the pedigree of the surf dual field ???
  62. Second detector
  63. BHID as a land detector
  64. PI machines too powerful ???
  65. BH300 Pinpointing
  66. Took the BH300 for a test drive
  67. Surf PI ?
  68. Today's find
  69. How many hours will batts last in a surfmaster II
  70. Bh300 depth verse pi
  71. cable tangle on a surf dual
  72. comparing a surf dual with a TDI for iron discrim
  73. surfmasterII questin
  74. Old vs. New P.I. machine question
  75. whats the operating frequency of the surf duel field ???
  76. How do you determine depth with the BHID 300?
  77. first day out with the surf duel PI
  78. Sand under BHID300 coil cover
  79. Broken Ear on Coil
  80. Beach hunter on the shores of lake Erie?
  81. Beach hunter ID or Surf Master 2
  82. Using the BH300 inland
  83. BHID with 950 possible floating fix?
  84. problem with Beachhunter ID
  85. Tethering the BH300
  86. BH 300 Threshold and Sensitivity question
  87. Dual field in my future,what to expect?
  88. A tether for the beach hunter
  89. Beach hunter 300 target sounds
  90. BHID to BHID 300
  91. Can you still get parts for the older White's Surf Master II?
  92. New Beachhunter 300 in time for Irene
  93. Water hunting
  94. Straight shaft for BH300?
  95. BHID with no headphones
  96. ? about BHID 950
  97. Dual pulse ????
  98. Bh300 ground adjustment???
  99. Just sent my BHID in for repair and checkup. Got a coil question
  100. bh300
  101. BH 950 hunt
  102. Dual Field Strikes Gold!
  103. Got my BHID back from Dr Whites. Land use ??
  104. Good day to hunt!
  105. Surfmaster PI Discrimination ?
  106. Surf PI Dual Field owner's manual
  107. bh300
  108. Why don't the surf/beach detectors have discrimination?
  109. Do you beach hunters ever use pinpointers?
  110. Why do you guys put straight rods on your water detectors?
  111. My BH300 arrived and I took it out in the backyard for a test drive
  112. Worth it?
  113. Problems pinpointing with the BH300
  114. The proper way to ground balance a BHID300
  115. Any "test" to confirm proper operation of Surf Pi Dual Field?
  116. I'm a bit worried about the inside of my Dual Field control box:
  117. Another BH ID 300 owner
  118. First time out with BHID....no good....both ways
  119. 34 degrees snow melting
  120. Question about my PI Pro Surfmaster
  121. Problem with Beach Hunter 300
  122. Can the White's Dual Field deal with black sand like this?
  123. Ever found anything in a tidal swimming pool?
  124. Help with my M-6
  125. BH300 is acting up again!!
  126. beach hunter 300
  127. Where's the DF...
  128. Is a constant light show normal for a beach hunter 300?
  129. DFPI And Rechargeable Batteries
  130. OK here's a silly question
  131. Dual Field PI Coax Question
  132. Less than an hour out of the box, first gold and silver with my new Dual Field!
  133. Do any of you crank up the gain on your Dual Field?
  134. Fourth trip out with my beach hunter ID
  135. LED lights, BHID300, and 9k gold targets: one target was green, the other target yellow?
  136. At what voltage should batteries be replaced in a Dual Field?
  137. Dual Field PI - Midwest use - dry land - freshwater lakes
  138. Dual Field PI Threshold
  139. Difference between Beach 300 and PDI?
  140. Considering having larger Dual Field coil fitted to my PI Pro.anyone done this?
  141. Whites Does ItAgain
  142. Cabo San Lucas Detecting
  143. First hunt with my new BH300
  144. PI Pro is on the way to Sweet Home for a DF 12" coil
  145. EMI and the water detectors
  146. Please help me decide on a water machine
  147. surf master on land ?
  148. Center rod and S rod fused together! How do I get them apart?
  149. PI Pro
  150. Hooray for Whites unbeatable service!*
  151. depth of water treasures
  152. Got me a BHID
  153. Do any of you use your Dual Field in fresh water?
  154. Help! The Threshold knob on my BHID came off! How do I put it back on?
  155. Coil confusion on the BHID?
  156. Gotta Love this Hobby
  157. Whats the diffrence between all the Whites PI machines???
  158. Can the new Nickel Zinc rechargeable batteries be used in the Dual Field?
  159. Technical question: Will alkaline batteries give more depth or better performance with the BHID?
  160. My Hybrid PI Pro finally gets a trial outing the next few days
  161. Coil question
  162. Falsing caused by water in coil
  163. Strange BHID behavior
  164. What do multiple different LED flashes actually mean with a BHID?
  165. Where I could Find......SurfMaster Control Box Lid/Cover.
  166. Defective Surf PI
  167. Dual Field - Knob Screws?
  168. SAT on Surf PI Dual Field
  169. Need specific pros and cons between the BHID and PI machines
  170. Who Knows Which Model is Which????
  171. Surf PI Dual Field Question
  172. Why are all the threads locked?
  173. new to forum but not to beach water hunting
  174. digging tools in water
  175. Dual Field lid clamp question
  176. First outing with my new Surf PI unit
  177. BHID300 ANSI South West Florida
  178. Beach Hunter ID on the way!
  179. When I checked on the status of my BHID repair online, they said 'replaced loop'
  180. Going to beach with V3i need a cover !!!
  181. Question reguarding Beach Hunter 300 vs Surf PI
  182. newbie from Rome
  183. Took the v3i to the beach
  184. Whites Water Machines
  185. EMI and RFI on BH300
  186. BHID questions
  187. Gold & Ice
  188. Supertuning
  189. bhid ?
  190. Replacing The Coil On A BeachHunter ID
  191. Same old question on the BHID 300... any new solutions?
  192. Beach Hunter 300 is here.
  193. Just purchased a NEW BeachHunter 300 on 11/27/12
  194. BHID 300 gasket
  195. Chest bag for BHID
  196. wet suit
  197. vertical shaft for Surf PI and BHID 300
  198. BHID continues to surprise me
  199. Straight shafts for the BHID or Surf PI
  200. Issues with the Surf PI
  201. BHID with dive rod setup
  202. Bad Sensitivity adjustment pot? BHID in for repairs.
  203. Can anybody ID this detector?
  204. Anderson Shaft and Surf P.I.
  205. two questions about the beach hunter 300 and surf pi dual
  206. Volume issue with Surfmaster!! :-/
  207. Surf PI Plus??
  208. Ready for the beach now!
  209. rookie bh300
  210. Salt Subtraction Method
  211. An Interesting Observation
  212. Hot rocks ruined my day today
  213. First water hunt of '13 is in the books!
  214. BHID 300 All Metal mode single or dual freq?
  215. bhid 300 toggle switch.
  216. Advice about beer cans
  217. Trading
  218. Went to the beach this weekend
  219. Bhid 300
  220. BHID 300 Static and then complete shut down
  221. Next gen Beach Hunter? Beach Hunter II? Beach Hunter Elite?
  222. Duel field Pi
  223. Possible BHID coming my way...
  224. Need new box for my Surfmaster PI..cracked
  225. Got the BHID but its got some issues...
  226. EMI and the DualField
  227. 10" DD coil on a BHID...would it work?
  228. BHID without headphones?
  229. Volume Control On The DFPI
  230. First time to really use the BHID....Observations.
  231. BHID is back and workin great!
  232. Surf pi pro acting up
  233. Whites Beach Hunter ID
  234. The Surf PI sure has a LOUSY battery setup... BOOO White's!
  235. Surfmaster PI Dual Field vs Surfmaster PI Pro (plus)
  236. Avoid accidentally getting water in the battery box
  237. Back on track finding gold (kinda)
  238. Got my Surf PI Dual Field back from repairs...
  239. I bought a BHID
  240. end of tourist season
  241. I Want A Water MD Unit
  242. Surf PI Dual Field for Land use
  243. A mixture of things yesterday
  244. Whites Forums have the answers
  245. Short trip to Barcelona, Spain
  246. Surf PI Dual Field back to the repair shop again!!
  247. Surf PI Dual Field redesign?
  248. Neoprene Waders For Hunting Low Tide
  249. Dual Field Hip Mount?
  250. underwater camera