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  1. Hi from Ontario~
  2. Hi Judy
  3. Great to have a "Canada" Area!
  4. Spring!
  5. Temps in your area?
  6. hello from the westcoast
  7. Any good spots in Cape Breton?
  8. Hello form the deep south
  9. westcoast pics
  10. what happened
  11. happy birthday canada
  12. Newbe
  13. snow snow snow snow
  14. new mxt will be here soon
  15. Bluenoser!
  16. QXT owners
  17. New to Forum any relic hunters
  18. Go team Canada JRS thats our Gold
  19. Long Winters Nap
  20. British Columbia MD Regulations
  21. Hello From Northern Ontario
  22. Hello from Quebec, Canada
  23. Looking for a TH'er in Toronto
  24. Hello From saskatchewan
  25. Hello from Manitoba Winnipeg to be exact
  26. Program for Canadian Coins on DFX
  27. Hi From Edmonton Alberta
  28. Hello from B.C. Canada
  29. Why are silver coins so scarce in Canada?
  30. DigginItAll
  31. howdy fellow Winterpeggers
  32. Hello from around Assiniboia in S. Saskatchewan
  33. Hello From South Eastern Ontario! Hastings / Prince Edward Counties
  34. Whites v3i
  35. Not a lot of action on this forum
  36. MD'ing on Crown Land
  37. finally..warm weather in Southern Ontario..time to start hunting!
  38. Anybody in, or near Windsor, Ontario
  39. What machine gives the best response to Modern Canadian coins?