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  1. Gosh
  2. NoVA
  3. Delaware
  4. Pennsylvania Hunters...Please sign in...
  5. Paul in NC
  6. Any NC detectors out there?
  7. Welcome Mid Atlantic MDers.
  8. Jake Swanson in NEPA
  9. NC-pulltab here
  10. Greenville NC
  11. Detecting North Carolina
  12. Hampton Roads Detectorist.
  13. keep watch
  15. Denver NC
  16. Moving to South Carolina!
  17. Wisconsin, where?
  18. nc obx
  19. Three Seasons Treasure Hunters First Club Hunt
  20. Heading for Salvo, NC
  21. Best New Jersey Dealers
  22. Looking for Metal Detecting Buddy
  23. Any organized relic hunts going on Virginia in the near future
  24. Hunting in South Jersey
  25. Places to hunt??
  26. New To Form
  27. Hello everyone
  28. Today's Find: 3 MDers
  29. Greg you in here
  30. Phillie Detecting?
  31. Looking for Delaware Hunters
  32. Northern Virginia Hunters Speak Up
  33. xlt froze up
  34. Kanawha Co. WV
  35. Looking to get back in to MDing in Charlotte, NC
  36. new guy here from maryland
  37. cental va
  38. I need an Upstate SC hunting partner
  39. Newbie from Maryland
  40. fresterated with maryland
  41. Starting new metal detecting group in near Erie Pa.
  42. any maryland metel detectorist need a mding buddy for a day or a weekend?
  43. What a good beach to hunt near Williamsburg VA ?
  44. Newbie from Pittsburgh
  45. Just Getting Back Into Coin Shooting After 25 Year Break
  46. Detecting in northern virginia
  47. any one in maryland having any luck
  48. Looking for someone to metal detect with in Roanoke Va Area?
  49. Newbie from northern VA
  50. Maryland hunters sign in
  51. Moved back to the east and am now in Greenville NC
  52. White's repair in Centerville VA
  53. Hunting in Charleston, SC
  54. maryland or delaware beach question?
  55. Partner in NC
  56. Hello all, new here
  57. Any Mdetecting Clubs around Honesdale, Pa.
  58. In desperate need of advice! Camp Lejeune, NC
  59. New to the forum,
  60. Looking for more to hunt with.
  61. Any Delaware guys on here?
  62. Raleigh NC
  63. Anybody need a hunting partner near Winston-Salem, NC??
  64. Beaufort SC anyone ??
  65. Raleigh NC Club
  66. Raleight NC.
  67. Just Visiting
  68. Bath, NY
  69. My story
  70. looking for a buddy in the syracuse new york area or any where that is within an hour drive
  71. what is the law for digging cellar holes in new york
  72. Beaver County PA
  73. Anyone near New Bern, NC ?
  74. Confederate ROT13
  75. Anyone near Fauquier County, VA?
  76. New to Metal Detecting in Pirate Country NC
  77. Detecting in North Carolina
  78. Anyone near Virgina Beach ?
  79. Southcentral PA - WAKE UP lets go MDing!!
  80. Pittsburgh area
  81. Will be in Virginia Beach the middle of July
  82. Hopewell Virginia area ????
  83. Looking for a hunting buddy in Fairfax County
  84. Pittsburgh Area Clubs
  85. Lookin for coin hunters in se penna.
  86. Any Tarheels here?
  87. This Year's "last swing"
  88. Virgina Beach for Christmas
  89. Anyone in the Philadelphia Suburbs?
  90. Rock Hill, SC Hunters
  91. any maryland hunters want a new hunting buddy?
  92. Any V3i users in Loudoun County, VA?
  93. Anyone from Sullivan County New York ?? Got a question.
  94. Eastern shore
  95. Anybody in the Mt. Airy area wanting to detect
  96. PA Center
  97. Salisbury,Ocean city
  98. Erie canal Spencerport brockport Albion Point breeze to charlotte
  99. Back in Virginia Beach July 2012
  100. MDing clubs near Roanoke, VA?
  101. Going on Vacation to West Virginia anything I need to know about laws and such?
  102. Virginia Beach July 15-22
  103. South Central PA
  104. going to south carolina for vaykay !
  105. new
  106. Wheres the best place in North Carolina, particularly Clinton area? Any body?
  107. Any Detectorists in Columbia, SC
  108. A little help please
  109. Comparing the V3I at Myrtle Beach?
  110. Hey - lookie what I found .... a lot of work in store for me!
  111. looking for a hunting buddy in Fayette county West Virginia
  112. Triad North Carolina??
  113. Detecting in Hampton Virginia area
  114. New Member
  115. Lake Erie/Newbie/DFX/programs, tips, advice- Will be starting on the beach
  116. White's East Service Center??
  117. clubs in north augusta
  118. New Guy From LI NY
  119. Detecting in Romney,WV
  120. Delaware Metal detecting
  121. Glascow Park.
  122. Relic Program for Spectra v3i
  123. Never too early!!
  124. Centreville Electronics
  125. Why all the locks?
  126. Montgomery County Pa?
  127. Dumfries VA?
  128. pa/nj members looking meet
  129. Hello from Harrisburg area
  130. Any Detectorists in the Fayetteville NC Area
  131. was going to order an Accessories from sweet home??
  132. Detecting Beaufort Co NC
  133. Just a friendly "Hello" from Mineral County WV
  134. Trip To Shepherdstown WV - Looking For Places To Detect
  135. 1 Dollar Gold coin
  136. Just saying 'hello!"
  137. New member from Maryland
  138. New Member SC
  139. Looking for people to detect with in western ny
  140. Cherry Poiint, Havelock, New Bern NC anyone around ?
  141. lost treasure weekend june 16-18 2017
  142. It's been 8 years
  143. Greenville SC
  144. Hunting partner in wv
  145. New Member Stafford VA