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  12. kansas
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  14. Gotta love this Iowa permafrost
  15. being new can anyone help me with laws or regs in kansas
  16. Hattiesburg Mississippi
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  18. Who here is from Eastern NEBRASKA or Western IOWA?
  19. Any nugget hunters out in Colorado?
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  23. Links for Whites Manuals in Spanish
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  25. ideas for new mexico hunt sites for club outting
  26. Denver-Conifer area - When the snow melts....
  28. Who's from Iowa??
  29. Colorado detecting laws?
  30. Oklahoma Spots
  31. Anyone from around the Baton Rouge La. area ?
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  33. I'm Here
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  35. Looking for hunting buddy in slidell La.
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  37. Colorado Gold, the good, the bad, and the questionable
  38. missouri
  39. north central Arkansas
  40. hunting buddie
  41. Prospecting at Hayden, Colorado
  42. Detecting So. Padre Island
  43. Kansas Winfield!
  44. Winfield, KS
  45. Just purchased Spectra V3i, Need training!
  46. Topeka Treasure Hunters Club
  47. Looking for NEW places to hunt in SouthEast Texas
  48. Southeast Texas Detecting
  49. Tulsa area
  50. Claremore ok
  51. Help a rookie with the V3i
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  54. New Orleans Area Club, S.H.R.R.A.
  55. Topeka Treasure Hunters club National hunt 2012
  56. Need Help!
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  58. Anyone from the St. Louis area?
  59. 12" Coil for Texas Soil
  60. any hunting buddies in baton rouge
  61. frisby house tensas parish
  62. baton rouge
  63. Roll Call All Lone Star State Hunters
  64. Where can I look for treasures in and around Canon City Co.
  65. Is there anyone with a V3i by sioux city
  66. Is there anyone in northwest Arkansas using a v3i?
  67. for ten states
  68. civil war sites
  69. Lake Charles, Louisiana
  70. Hunting in Oklahoma Red Dirt
  71. New to the Hobby... Loving it
  72. Frisby house or better known as brick house on tensas river
  73. Kansas digger
  74. North Louisiana Knightshade
  75. Texas Newbie
  76. Iowa hunter
  77. question on southern New Mexico late 1800 to early 1900 sites
  78. Looking for a partner in Louisiana.
  79. Mid-west metal detectors
  80. New Mexico
  81. Old San Antonio Road
  82. Texas detectorists have my respect
  83. any whites v3i users in ne ok or nw ark,
  84. New V3i owner looking for a MD buddy in SE Nebr.
  85. Tulsa area detectoring
  86. Albuquerque June 2015
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  89. V3i owner
  90. Military campsites and battle fields
  91. looking to find a partner
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  93. Hurricane Harvey Wishes