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  1. OK Check in guys!
  2. Checking in for Michigan here
  3. Calling All Hoosiers!
  4. Illinois people up and center
  5. Forget Rednecks, Jeff Foxworthy on Hoosiers...
  6. Dayton Ohio says Hello
  7. Grand Rapids MI here
  8. Newbee 2 in Canton, Ohio
  9. New from Ohio
  10. good luck
  11. BUCKEY'S
  12. Who here is from Missouri?
  13. Anybody up for a group hunt March 29th in Chi land?
  14. Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan
  15. Meet up in Ohio?
  16. May 24th hunt
  18. Tri City Area
  19. Northern Lower Peninsula Of Michigan
  20. Anyone in the Lansing, Michigan Area?
  21. Winter?!
  22. outof stater
  23. Any one from S.E. Ohio
  24. new from ohio
  25. ooooohio
  26. Team up in Cincinnati? UPDATE!
  27. Toledo, Ohio
  28. Branson area MD folk??
  30. metal detecting clubs
  31. Coming to Ohio
  32. Would like to Start a small Flint MI area club, or join one.
  33. NE OHIO new member
  34. Reedsburg/Dells/Baraboo?
  35. Mowing weeds on Michigan State land
  36. Detroit Area?
  37. Anyone from the Kankakee Ill area
  38. Getting back into M D, buying 2 units- new machines have me confused- help?
  39. hunting?
  41. Across from Detroit
  42. Anyone near Joliet,IL
  43. Would Any One Be Interested?
  44. Ann Arbor MI area
  45. Im looking for freinds to hunt treasuer with
  46. How many NO's does it take to get 1 yes to hunt?
  47. Looking For MDers in Holland, MI
  48. Let's do some digging
  49. New group for Indiana hunters
  50. Hello ohio
  51. Mentor
  52. Port Clinton Ohio.. looking for my first detector
  53. Port Clinton Ohio.... New to detecting
  54. md clubs in my neck of the woods
  55. South Haven, Michigan - Van Buren County here....
  56. Best Michigan beaches to coinshoot?
  57. Civil War Relics in Michigan?
  58. madison county il
  59. Marion Illinois
  60. Hello again from Athens,Ohio
  61. looking for hunting partner close by
  62. sw michigan
  63. How do i set a profile picture
  64. detecting buddy
  65. Good places to detect aroundthe tri cities area?
  66. Eastern U.P. Mich. Detectors.
  67. NE Ohio Geauga county
  68. Rockford Hunting partner?
  69. Northern Michigan
  70. Looking for someone with v3i experience in rockford/freeport area willing to share their knowledge
  71. looking for a dealer in the flint area
  72. Where to go in Illinois
  73. bought a vx3 have questions
  74. Anybody in dayton need a hunting partner
  75. What small coil is the best
  76. Michigan Users
  77. Happy Thanksgiving
  78. Cool place to hunt in Dayton Oh
  79. Merry Christmas
  80. Anyone near Mansfield, OH
  81. As Jim Nabor sings....BACK HOME AGAIN IN INDIANA
  82. upper peninsula
  83. I love this new hobby of mine "Pull Tabs"
  84. New To Detecting
  85. Hibernation
  86. North East Illinois
  87. Lets hunt!
  88. New to Metal Detecting/this forum, here in SW Ohio
  89. What's Up
  90. Anyone detecting in S W Ohio?
  91. Northern Ohio Hunters!
  92. Ohio Metal Detecting Laws
  93. Hunting partner in wv