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  1. Plug digging technique .... a video clip I made a while back.
  2. DFX Introduction video
  3. Woodsman, Money Maker, 2 cents ,and me
  4. Feels Good to be Dirtfishin' Again....
  5. Watch " Can You Dig It?" with new goofy song
  6. 1877 Seated Liberty Quarter
  7. Dig 3 video
  8. Salty's Trash or Treasure
  9. New Video
  10. My very first video, MXT + 10DD at the beach
  11. Double Targets
  12. .....Posting Videos of your White's Detector in use...........PLEASE READ
  13. 1906 indian head and fired 3 ringer hunt
  14. My first hunt of the year at the beach with my MXT
  15. my first video ever, MXT with SEF 12x15 coil
  16. Woods hunt
  17. The Making of 177
  18. Silver Rings, 200 Coins, and No Mordecai!
  19. my mxt at work
  20. New Video 3-19
  21. todays find 3-26-2010 ,my oldest to date
  22. V3i on YouTube
  23. V3 in the Park, 4-13-10
  24. First Barber with the V3 4-18-10
  25. Morning hunt with my Beach Hunter ID
  26. It will dig all but woodin nickels.....
  27. New on YouTube!
  28. MXT Pro Announcement
  29. Youtube videos for Prizms and Coinmasters
  30. MXT vdi numbers for coins videos
  31. MXT VDI numbers for dime coins - Video
  32. MXT VDI numbers for quarter coins Video
  33. MXT VDI numbers for 1 cent coins. Video
  34. MXT VDI numbers for Half Dollars
  35. Bullets with the MXT
  36. Old coins with my MXT
  37. A couple Buttons
  38. V3i is "Good as Gold"
  39. "silver king"
  40. New V3I Vid. "CoinMaster" Hunting the trash!
  41. 22K underwater video
  42. Snow Hunting with MXT!
  43. Winter Hunt with V3 and MXT
  44. Nice platinum from warm Indian Ocean waters
  45. ...Tips on making Videos of White's Detectors...
  46. MXT Pro Hunt near Civil War Confederate Camp Site in Southern LA 2/26/11
  47. treasure hunting america series that i'm in
  48. MXT Pro Hunt @ Old Plantation Sugarcane field in Southern LA
  49. Beachhunting on my Lunch Break
  50. V3i VDI Numbers for Nickel Coins
  51. V3i VDI Numbers for Dime Coins
  52. V3i VDI Numbers for Quarter Coins
  53. whites m6 hunts cappet bust large cent and many more
  54. V3i VDI Numbers for Half Dollar Coins
  55. Back from Sapulpa, Indian Territory Hunt with MXT Pro!
  56. best coin cleaner...
  57. Can somone do a video of switching over to use your Sunray probe
  58. Mixed Mode Demonstration on a Deep Target
  59. XLT videos
  60. V3 video
  61. V3 air test
  62. Heres another video with a jumpy target ID....;o)
  63. Digital Camera Mount for Metal Detector Rod...with no advertisement!
  64. This is why you dig those jumpy target ID's.....;o)
  65. Whites GMT gold detecting indiana jones style
  66. V3i - Using Iron Tone 0 and Threshold
  67. Finds - old coin and a good target vs. bad target comparison
  68. Diggin Germany - Can You Dig It? Vol 1
  69. How to Set Up the V3i
  70. Nice Silver on Video
  71. V3i and coins in iron
  72. Finally! Got Out Metal Detecting in Wildwood. Lots of PullTabs, Lots of BottleCaps.. Lots of FUN!!
  73. V3i and Coins in Iron II - working with base threshold under intensity
  74. More fun in North Wildwood - Oct 8, 9
  75. September 21st through October 22nd slide show, finds with the V3i
  76. V3i VDI Numbers for Cent Coins
  77. V3i VDI Numbers for Cent Coins
  78. New video with the MXT
  79. Video of my First Silver Coin!
  80. Spectra V3/V3i/VX3 Owner Name Change
  81. Diggin' A Few Good Relics with the MXT Pro
  82. Surf and Gold for the BeachHunterID
  83. 2 Rings and a 19th Century Button at the Schoolyard
  84. Latest Tennessee Dirt Fishing video.
  85. Can somebody please do a video for ground balancing the BeachHunter ID 300?
  86. First video of 2012...
  87. My video of my favorite finds for 2011
  88. Civil War lock and bullets video
  89. The Pavilion.....One Year Ago...
  90. Whites Spectra VX3 Tricked Out
  91. More finds from same camp.
  92. M6 with DX-1 Probe VDI Numbers
  93. January Slide Show
  94. Some 2011 Finds With The M6 (video)
  95. First Mercury dime! 1927 (video with no ads this time)
  96. Help with video's
  97. Finding a little This & That with the Spectra VX3
  98. Slideshow/video that I did on Youtube for March 26th and 27th
  99. here is a video i made couple of months ago i hope you all enjoy
  100. Silver and Gold Bro/sis!
  101. Worn and thin Seated Dime No Date
  102. April 25 2012 Local Park Hunt
  103. Posting YouTube Videos on the Forum
  104. Connecticut Hunters Past Finds Series # 1 Craig "aka" Cfmct-PI
  105. My first detecting video w/ Whites VX3
  106. silver Q and a IHP
  107. Quick Wedding Ring Find with the MXT Pro ...
  108. Return to Wildwood Crest in July
  109. Rings & Thing Video
  110. Evening Beach Hunt in Wildwood Crest, July 29, 2012
  111. Coin spills
  112. My latest video. Mxt finds coin spill.
  113. hunting nuggets with the tdi in the az heat
  114. BHID300 Finds lost wedding ring at Marina
  115. BHID300 Finds lost wedding band on beach
  116. V3i Finds lost platinum/diamond ring on beach
  117. 2012 Summer finds + Once in a lifetime Find!
  118. My latest video. 40th Silver of the year.
  119. Colonial cellar hole hunt
  120. video of some of my finds
  121. I'm still making good finds with my V3i
  122. TDI sl with the 7.1/2 inch coil
  123. Here's my latest youtube from the 17th til the 22nd
  124. Looking for #50
  125. Coinmaster GT video?
  126. Whites V3i Scores 1734 King George II Copper!
  127. Problem using Insert video feature/ Toolbar?
  128. One of my older videos.
  129. Final Hunt of 2012 Thanksgiving Day
  130. Recap of 2012 dug coins.
  131. Does anyone have full dig vids using theV3I showing screen and hearing sounds and the dig?
  132. The past 2 years of some of the silver & gold jewelry I have found and a special Thanks to Whites!
  133. December 15th through the 23rd of december 2012
  134. DFX videos
  135. 18k Gold & Amethyst Ring Recovery; the Ring Owner Recounts Our Perilous Tale
  136. My latest video clips from December 24th thru January 19th 2013
  137. January Finds....Silver & Gold With The DF-PI
  138. Whites V3i scores its first big silver!
  139. A request for all you videographers out there...
  140. My 2 cents & some!
  141. A coupl of my last hunts with the V3i
  142. Recovering Farmfield Treasures with the Whites V3i
  143. My new DFX finds silver
  144. April and may video clips
  145. Finders Keepers Cross News Release and pictures. All scrap metal found detecting.
  146. Here's a video I never posted
  147. Recovering Farmfield Treasures with the Whites V3i Part 2
  148. Dfx
  149. Dfx finds buckle
  150. Wildwood NJ Beach Hunting June 04 2013
  151. Wildwood NJ Beach Hunting June 06 2013
  152. Wildwood NJ Beach Hunting June 08 2013
  153. Wildwood NJ Beach Hunting July 05 2013
  154. Wildwood NJ Beach Hunting July 06 2013
  155. Third news clip on Cross made from metal detecting finds with MXT Pro
  156. Here's a video I put together for my September 2nd finds for 2013
  157. Here's my most recent video everyone
  158. V3i finds big silver
  159. starting out with coinmaster and coinmaster gt videos
  160. Another youtube
  161. Whites DFX and the Beauty of the 1800"s
  162. Problem posting videos
  163. Record bullet day with a surprise!!
  164. Detecting at beautiful plantation homes
  165. Cabin Fever
  166. Whites DFX & MXT PRO
  167. Detecting back in time
  168. A day of hunting
  169. Fort Derussy Louisiana hunt
  170. Pistol found
  171. MXT video
  172. Small group hunt in Louisiana
  173. First Silver Dime of The Year
  174. Return To The Site of The Mysterous Pouch
  175. White's Video
  176. Hunting in Mixed Mode - a short video to show why I do it
  177. Spend 16 minutes with me as I dig up some Romans!
  178. Cleaning a tiny one
  179. V3i Video
  180. TreasureMaster tip also overload could be helpful
  181. Treasure Master does it again.
  182. Summer 2015: Silver @ Gold
  183. Thinking of Metal detecting are you
  184. could be meat could be cake..
  185. Starting a new Roman - Here's a detailed example of how I clean them
  186. Another first and a second shades of Dominique..
  187. Turf and Surf with Whites Treasuremaster
  188. Black Friday Ax Friday with the Treasure Master
  189. Nov29th last hunt of the year with the Whites Treasure master
  190. Spectra V3i Mk2
  191. The Detectorist - V3i style
  192. Check out my latest short 3 minute video with the V3i.
  193. Time lapse Ancient coin cleaning - detailed instruction
  194. A novice Detectorist humble beginnings
  195. MX Sport thrown in the lake
  196. 1902 Barber Quarter
  197. MX Sport
  198. White's YouTube Commercial
  199. Factory Tour
  200. New woods and old field hunt
  201. TreasureMaster finds lost gold ring!
  202. May 2016
  203. Nevada Trip
  204. Wildwood Beach V3i Metal Detecting in July
  205. White's Electronics YouTube Channel
  206. MX Sport Hunt Videos
  207. Sampson shovel upgrade
  208. 2016 Rye Patch Nugget Shoot
  209. Looky what I found with my MXT! Confederate Infantry Button!
  210. Need Your Help - A Civil War Whats-it!
  211. MX Sport Wet Salt Beach Test
  212. MX Sport broken audio problem with some buttons
  213. Got some silver quarters finally.
  214. Live digs with VX3 finding silver by batteling giant root.
  215. MX Sport Test Hunt At An Old Mining Site
  216. New youtube channel.
  217. MX Sport out in the snow and cold
  218. Whites VX3 in action on gold ring and silver coins.
  219. New footage from the old camp
  220. My Buddy Found This Awesome Cast I Infantry!
  221. Working with a local Foundation and Museum to promote the hobby.
  222. Metal Detecting Around a 100 YEAR OLD CABIN!
  223. Milking The Silver! White's MXTs recover some old Silver and an old Milk Token!
  224. The coil saga is over
  225. Square Nail Squirrel and the MX Sportís 1st use.
  226. Early to mid 1900ís baseball field
  227. External battery
  228. Return to the Festival Site because the Baseball Park is flooded.
  229. Old home site in town, EMI and theory on what to do next??
  230. Detecting a log home finding pioneer relics
  231. Hard to find Silver
  232. Mxt all pro video colonial finds
  233. Log cabin return with the V3i to score some super finds
  234. White's Electronics Forum Friends Hunt from this Saturday
  235. Aluminium Screw Caps Against $1 &$2 coins.
  236. I begin the hunt for the Union Civil War camp again 18 years later after my first attempt to find it
  237. V3i and MX Sport run the Cabin Dry
  238. Metal Detecting the Corner Lot
  239. A little bit of Beach Gold - June 19th Wildwood NJ Beach Hunt
  240. Metal Detecting the Early Home Site at the Civil War Camp Farm
  241. Latest Video - Finding a little bit of GOLD in Wildwood, NJ!!!
  242. Civil War Camp Hunt turns to Old Home Site Hunt.
  243. Independence Day Town Lots Hunting with the MX Sport and 13Ē Detech
  244. White's Goldmaster 24K.
  245. Home site hunt after work. 1943 War Nickel
  246. Still Looking for the Civil War Camp
  247. Return to the 1860"s house... Tried single tone and things really RING up!!!
  248. Saving iPhone X from inevitable failure. Little different kind of hunt...
  249. Help Video
  250. Spectra V3i & Setup For EMI